A Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection has 29 ratings and 4 reviews. Dina said: Beautifully put together, rich with references, the chain of tra. IBN ¬°ARABI. A Prayer for Spiritual. Elevation and Protection. Study, translation, transliteration and Arabic text. SUHA TAJI-FAROUKI. A Prayer for Spiritu al E. Read A Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection by Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi by Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi by Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi for free with a 30 day free trial.

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A Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection

Cambridge,pp. The principle of the pre-eminent value attached to oral testimony in Islamic culture was maintained from early times through an increasingly elastic application of the ijaza to transmissions that could not be guaranteed by direct study of the text transmitted and the effective meeting between a transmitter and a receiver capable of understanding the text which could often lrayer a considerable period of protectioon ionship between the two.

Abd al-Rasul al-Barzanji to respond. KafHa’ Ya’ ‘Ayn Sad.

Voll, ‘ Abdallah Ibn Salim al-Basri’, p. His brother ‘All d. Sa’id Sunbul al-MadanT [e. The former was a follower of the shari’a-minded reformist Naqshbandi Shaykh Khalid, who had called for returning to the Qur’an and Sunna, yet read the works of Ibn ‘Arabl and felt a spiritual affinity with him.

He travelled to Egypt to find him, was initiated by him into the Khalwati way and eventually granted an ijaza to bring people into it: Published first published June 1st Among the many who studied under and transmitted works from him was Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani, who reports that he spent a long time in close companionship with him and experienced ‘the baraka of his supplication’.

He is particularly interested in the spirit world: It may require the murid to situate the prayer, whenever they recite it, within a cluster of other prayers and for- mulae, or involve making precise additions at certain points in the text. The congregation affirmed his emotional prayers with ‘amln’ at each pause.

Reflecting the concerns of the hour, he asked God to destroy enemy planes, to grant victory to the Palestinians, and to protect Syria, using al-Fatiha as an adjuration throughout. Al-Bakri eventually placed him above all his khalifas, and he became the only one he had in- vested with absolute authority who also survived him. See also Knysh, Ibn Arab!


Angie marked it as to-read Jan 19, Thanks for telling us about the problem. This student rendered the text into Heb- rew transliteration his native tongueand from that into English transliteration they had no knowledge of a transliteration system for Arabic.

Prayer for Spiritual Elevation & Protection

Mahmud Mahmud al-Ghurab, al-Tariq ila Allah: Vertically, they identify key figures in its passage from generation to generation, while suggesting that it has indeed been in continuous use in every generation since its author’s day. This chapter also provides a translation of the prayer, an Arabic text resulting from a considered evaluation of copies reviewed, and a transliteration. During Februarythe majlis was led by Muhammad Amin ‘Ashur, a disciple of the revered Shadhili Ahmad al-Habbal al-Rifa’L Beginning immediately after the end of the khattVs les- son, it opened with the calling down of peace and blessings upon the Prophet.

See for example David Commins, Islamic Reform: Taken from the story of Joseph in surat Yusuf, the Qur’anic verse in question tells of the impact of Joseph’s stunning beauty on the women invited by the wife of the Egyptian in whose employ he was. O Allah, by Your permission and grace grant that the spiritual reality ruhamya of the Muhammadan Heir, the shaykh and my master Muhyl al-Dln Muhammad b. While individual prayers have been associated with specific spheres of protection there does not appear to have been a strict division among them, and copyists may have drawn on a common pool of properties.

He also taught ha- dith and read al-Bukharl in the Umayyad Mosque for twenty-seven years from See al-Ghazzi, al-Kawakih al-sa ‘ ira, 1, p.

See Chamberlain, Knowledge and Social Practice, pp. The Life of Ibn ‘Arab! So many times aragi see the prayers just in arabic or transliteration but no english translation. Note that by focusing on the ijaza as an authentication of knowledge acquired through transmission based on the direct study of a text and the effective meeting between a transmitter and a receiver capable of understanding it and designating elevattion other kinds of ijaza in contrast as ‘formulaic’ or ‘fictitious’there is a danger of neglecting other dimensions of its significance and role.

Highlighted here, these other dimensions come to the fore in the case of a small prayer such as the Dawr, which required neither great feats of understanding nor a lengthy spell of companionship and fpr study.


Gwhile others mark the Divine Names thus e. Of particular interest are nine links under- pinned by ijazas conferred on young children who typically had not yet reached the age of reason.

Who then will guide him, after Allah? With this the majlis ended, as the time for the dawn adhdn approached. O You in whose hand are the keys of the secrets of the unknowns, and the lamps of the lights of the hearts!

See Najm al-Din al-Ghazzi, al-Kawakib al-sa’ira bi-a’ydn al-mi’a al-‘ashira, ed. Sa’id Sunbul of the Hijaz, who transmitted from his father and to Yasin al-Mirghani, is ultimately what concerns us: One copyist thus offers the following version of this: For al-Sha’ram’s accounts of al-Shinnawi conversing with al-Badawi at the latter’s tomb see al-Ghazzi, al-Kawakib al-sa’ira, 1, p.

Thus some copies e.

Held at a time when families gather at home for lunch after the Friday prayer, attendance at this majlis established in is not substantial. In our sources the term dawr is applied both to our prayer as a whole, and to its individual verses.

Full text of “A prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection by Ibn Arabi”

Khayyam Babeck marked it as to-read Jan 14, Spiritial opened a majlis during February with recitation of al-Fatiha, Qur’anic verses, supplication and the istighfar forgiveness formula. A reformist ‘alim, he was proficient in the teachings of Ibn Arabl as well as the new sciences of the era. For the latter see al-‘Asqalani, al-Durar al- kamina, 4, p.

Such as Ibn ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Maqdisi: For example, Esad Efendi He acquired literacy skills late in life, and dedicated himself to study- ing and writing on the natural sciences and issues of faith. It gives full details of generations of well-known scholars and Sufi masters who have transmitted the prayer, providing an intimate and fascinating insight into Islamic history.