BANGLADESH NATIONAL. BUILDING CODE. Inbri Housing and Building Research Institute .. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS OF THE WORKSHOP ON BNBC. Bangladesh national Building Code Part 1 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text BNBC Part 03 – General Building Requirements, Control and Regulation. Bangladesh National Building Code BNBC. Copyright: © All Rights . buildings and structures or their components regulated by this code. Reinforcing bars otherwise conforming to BDS ISO ‐, shall also possess material.

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Assembly Buildings under this Occupancy group shall include any building or portion thereof in which groups of people congregate or assemble for recreation, amusement, social, religious, political, cultural, travel and similar purposes. Such system shall be connected to the outside air and the point of discharge shall be at least 1. Definition of hazard and the amount of such materials which shall be deemed to render a building hazardous are set forth in Sec 2.

They may be combined when they have been provided with approved means of discharge into the public sewer or natural stream or river. The total net area of openings for an enclosure shall be at least 0.

For street property lines, this distance shall be at least 2. Tire sales establishments, limited to quantity… K Tire sales establishments, unlimited… F Wrecking establishments… F Limited as to total area… J Unlimited The equipment or systems that are used to collect or process banglwdesh convey combustible dust or fibers shall be installed with explosion venting or containment system.

Bangladesh National Building Code-2015

Equipment or machinery that produces or emits combustible or explosive dust or fibers shall be provided with an approved dust collecting and exhaust system. The detail classification including mixed occupancy provided in the Table 3. Swimming pools shall be constructed in conformity with the following requirements.


These buildings shall ordinarily provide accommodation nqtional sleeping, dining and other provisions approved by the authority for the occupants.

There shall be at least vangladesh exits when seating capacity exceeds persons and four exits when it exceeds persons.

There shall be a design surge height in the SPAs which shall be recommended by the Authority to be used in interpreting the provisions of this Section. Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases Bangladesh National Building Code Depending upon the degree of hazard involved, this occupancy type may have separate and isolated structure. The hazard shall generally mean the relative danger of the start of fire and the rapidity of its spread, the danger of smoke and gases generated that pose a potential threat to the safety of the occupants of the building.

These classes including their divisions are listed below: The three hour fire resistive separation wall or slab shall provide a fire resistance of not less than three hour.

Minimum width considered for a seat in the gallery shall be 0. C Cineplex Unlimited as to size The working space between the machines when more than one machine is used shall not be less than 0.

The storage and use of all such substances baangladesh goods shall be controlled as per provision of this Code and explosive control act. The material used in the drains shall be suitable for drainage of the storage materials.

The devices that generate a spark, flame or glow capable of igniting gasoline shall not be installed or used within 0.

The releasing devices shall be so located that the discharge end shall not be less than 3 m vertically and 6 m horizontally from window openings or exits in the same or adjoining buildings. Exit requirements shall comply with Part 4 of this Code. Hotels Proprietary and related facilities When water skimmers are used for private pools there shall be one skimming device for each 50 m2 of surface area or fraction thereof.


If there is any use or character of occupancy in a building which is not mentioned here, it shall be classified as per provision of Sec 2. Structural or non-structural members serving as entries or exits may be constructed below design surge height.

B a n g l a d e s h Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) | Asadullah Al-Galib –

Thickness of a wooden floor shall not be less than 50 mm. All openings in such enclosures shall be protected with fire assembly door or window having fire resistance rating of at least one and one-half hour.

G Embassy or High-commission or Substations, Public transit or railroad G Consulate Substations, as part of public distribution system G Engine Substations, low to medium voltage step down, at L Engraving or photo-engraving consumers’ end Manufacture … G or J depending upon the process or material to be used Stores including television, radio, phonograph or household appliances F Contractors See contractors’ establishments G Equipment assembly, not including electrical machinery… Supplies, manufacturing The openings shall be protected with a fire resistance assembly doors or windows providing fire resistance of at least three hour.

Non-separated use mentioned in Sec 2. A stage wherein curtains, fixed drops, valances, scenery and other stage effects are suspended and are not adjustable or retractable.