Daniel Tammet has been working with scientists to understand the implications ‘You close BORN ON A BLUE DAY with a sense of profound. Born on a Blue Day. A Memoir of Asperger’s and an Extraordinary Mind. Daniel Tammet First published in Great Britain in by Hodder. Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant, a Memoir. Daniel Tammet, Author. Free Press $24 (p) ISBN.

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She’s going to do it anyway His French mother battles with her encroaching blindness. Daniel writes extremely similar to the way my son speaks. We don’t think that way, most of us, and that’s tammmet to say it’s wrong but it is most definitely different. This unique first-person account offers a window into dajiel mind of a high-functioning, year-old British autistic savant with Asperger’s syndrome.

Case Histories provides entertaining, vivid and revealing insights into what was really going on in those celebrated courtroom dramas that defined an age, as well as painting a picture of a remarkable life.

That, to me, seems like quite a joy. His success in Iceland–professional and social–is hard to fathom. Now a major motion picture starring Luke Treadaway.

I just want to say how cool it is that he can do what he can do and how he’s been able to learn past all nlue social awkwardness and progressed so far.

Nor are all those with synesthesia autistic. I’ve read several articles and stories about people with Aspergers because it blye a topic that I find fascinating. It really is an inspiring story that I encourage anyone and everyone to read. Aug 17, L rated it really liked it. Retrieved 25 May Try as they might, they couldn’t lose him – and soon Mikael realised that he didn’t want to.


It is his incredible self-awareness and ability to communicate what it feels like to live in a unique way that makes his story so powerful. Jun 28, Mom rated it really liked it. It’s a very interesting dainel account of a man living in England who has both Savant Syndrome and Asperger’s.

Perhaps because he is able to see patterns which I do not see. At some point he decided he wanted to be close to other people, and somehow he learned how. He experiences numbers as shapes and colors.

Daniel Tammet – Wikipedia

In he launched the online language learning company Optimnem. The parts I struggled with were when Tammet went too deep into detail about his thought process. He I’ve seen publicity of this book and have wanted to read it. Despite early childhood epileptic seizures and atypical behaviour, Tammet received a standard education at local schools. Both became full-time parents. Yet James couldn’t resist helping the strikingly intelligent tom cat, whom he quickly christened Bob.

His schoolmates were like obstacles to navigate around.

True, he has been incredibly successful in spite of his autism-related limitations he runs a successful online language learning business, and is considered one of the most socially functional autistic cases ever studied–as a result, he’s a scientist’s wet dream to studying the brain, savantism, and autism. I know it was a Wednesday, becasue the date is blue in my mind and Wednesdays are always blue, like the number nine or the sound of loud voices arguing.


He simply decided to get out of the house and applied to be sent to Lithuania to help people there learn English.

Born On a Blue Day

But Tammet credits the synesthesia with enabling his ability to do remarkable arithmetic calculations. A delicious flavouring of cool irony, which is so much more effective than hot indignation, covers his treatment of the small mindedness and cheapness behind some prosecutions’ Richard Davenport-Hines, GuardianBorn in into the fringes of the Bloomsbury Group, Jeremy Hutchinson went on to become the greatest criminal barrister of the s, ’70s and ’80s.

My impression as I was reading his book could not have been further from that! Tammet’s interests are varied. Archived from the original on 23 September Born on a Blue Day: For example, I am similar to Daniel in that I am very observant and could spend a long time just soaking in sensory details that many other people would overlook.