George Wiseman of rediscovered CPS technology and uses A Battery Charger that uses 50% less wattage to charge lead acid batteries. Capacitive Battery Charger & Capacitive Transformer . reporting on the booklet. George Wiseman, the author, calls it a capacitive transformer. Details how to build the world’s most efficient battery charger for less than $5 in parts. concept is both easy to understand and build. by George Wiseman.

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current limiting capacitive battery charger

Its also of course volts reactive the CSA of the cable is irrelevant, Use the geprge resonance and everything changes! With very wissman alteration to this energiser circuit you have this thing with the ‘controler’ supplying the beat 50hz 60hz whatever probably many KHz knowing Tesla’s style. The energy appears immediately at the plates of the battery there is nothing to measure externally. I learned that a capacitor in AC is like a short circuit, but it depends of its farads.

Hi Check out Electronicsnmore YT 5 amp Capacitive dc charger for v v ac batttery for v hope somebody can alter this design thanks. At one time the battery post connections were disintegrating which looks like melting but of course there’s no heat.

I doubt I can do better but I can try. Find all posts by ewizard.


The 3 in 1 mysterious device that welds, brazes and solders. He comes to this conclusion by the fact that if an ammeter is placed before and after the load, the current will be the same.

Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer Ebook

Find all posts by madhatter. In fact this would be magnitudes safer than most battery chargers over 10 years old. It is automatically current limiting. Please consider supporting Energetic Dapacitive with a voluntary monthly subscription.

The capacitor is too big and it’s like a short circuit, but I can’t be sure ’cause as I mentioned before, I don’t understand its fuctionality.

All times are GMT. Immediately after receiving my copy, I made my first charger with two 50 microfarad capacitors. This charger works wonderfully so far.

Even with an inverter. Our friends too, have consequently become interested, however due to our locality Central Yorke Peninsular for most people it is just too difficult to come along to the meetings. You see a battefy tooth and a square wave and a sine wave all demonstrating resonance. I am not certain however this man was sharing “his friends”[your post??

Capacitive Battery Charger (preview)

Home Help Search Login Register. I ran each test for the same time period, just under two and a half minutes and measured the current and voltage across the load.

The plans are a bargain at your price; I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to save money. This is what is indicated if you look at the graphs of the current and voltage across the LED.


It can charge and maintain the charge of various voltage batteries at the same time.

Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer |

It’s in the works. With that in hand the theory of what series resonance is actually doing and why reactive current has such a very different effect to wwiseman else can be explored and exploited. On a side note this is open source and unlike teorge finger pointing and whining I saw concerning the slayer circuits which were not actually his to begin with I expect people to steal my idea’s and sell them for profit Maybe this is obvious to those who have experimented vapacitive cells, but it was not obvious to me until I had my brainwave.

I will also show the successful results I have achieved in the last few years. Hi Allcanadian, Your idea has some merit as far as protecting the battery from over current.

Now current that lags voltage is a feature of inductive reactance, so the cells will exhibit inductance-like characteristics. Find all posts by totoalas.