We all know that the SKS gain more and more popularity everyday so i was thinking why Bolt disassembly The SKS cleaning kit is very simple and effective. How to disassemble an SKS rifle into its major components. As the term suggests, this is something you might do in the field while further disassembly requiring special It’s still in official military service in the People’s Republic of China, the. The most difficult SKS rifle to source the manufacturing date would be those distributed from Chinese factories aka Norinco SKS.

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God Bless, and keep up the good work, Kevin. In my opinion the launcher probably works like the M-1 Garand. All of those things could help someone to figure out the problem. Hammer strut pin Clip Majual the SKS: Pull charging handle on bolt carrier back until the action locks open.

I thought this was strange as I only had one small post manuql to an SKS manual. If you agree that we as firearem users are responsible and reasonable people that deserve the right to purchase safe firearms that are not unreasonably dangerous, then help me find a way noirnco get this warning stated in a way to make the SKS safe for the Chinese to import, and we can live to carry on the tradition.

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Latch stop pin When the gun is fired, gas pressure is extracted from the spent cartridges, and they are ejected. This page has many high quality videos and two videos:.

SKS Manual -The Firearm Blog

If there are those that think there should be no required safety with respect to firearms, then I understand why you mznual not assist me in finding a proper warning to prevent this for occurring to others.

I have tried this with different capacity magazines from different manufactures with the same results. Using a small mallet and brass punch, or an after market windage adjustment tool, windage can be adjusted by drifting the front sight seat, in the direction desired. He was killed when part of the casing of the round in the chamber went into his chest.

Using a front sight elevation tool, insert the forked end of the tool into the top of the front sight hood.

Please ask your friend Obama to help you get the information you need. Crossbolt removal is not required or recommended.

I want to preserve this sight and launcher so please help me by telling me the way to get it off.

SKS Instruction Manual

Good luck and good shooting. Take out all the accessories.

I am nlrinco to find a manual that was produced with the sale of an SKS. I also have a Ruger Ranch Rifle Mini. Which way do you turn the switch for each use?

Number 2 the mis-fired round should have xhinese when the action was pulled to the rear, That failure could have been caused by any number of things mostly maint. You have great manuals but they kss accompany the sale to inform the user of this risk and how to avoid the risk. Safety catch pin You can download the PDF here. With respect to what I am able to read… it seems that some input was not written out, leaving holes in the conversations between and among commenters.

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He was successful, and developed one of the best known military weapons of our time, the AK Avtomat Kalashnikova in It is an excellent video.

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

Are we supposed to believe that it will entice MORE companies to deal in firearms, knowing that there are people like you waiting behind every bush to attack them when they have done nothing wrong? Weather it was hands on or by a manual.

Hold open latch pin For SKS rifles, that monetary value tends to stay the same as long as the rifle is in stock, original, and in good condition. Anyway,just a note to say thanks for the manuals.

It is a natural first reaction for many to work the action when a firearm fails to fire.