This guide is obviously copy paste from IGN wiki so I am not taking any credits for it but since I like how guide on steam function in such way. Instead of walking players through the game and giving them strategies—like, you know, a strategy guide—this FFIX guide spat up vague. Introduction Edit. Hello, Terra_Homing here, welcome to my walkthrough. Final Fantasy IX, is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played and I’d like to give you a .

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Alexandria Castle 2nd Visit.

Outside the Inn some kids are playing jump rope. The long peninsula sort of points to the location of the treasures, kupo. They are quite often implemented in very different ways within fifx of the games, but the Trance system has to be one of the worst. Feel free to ask me any questions on my talk page. That might be it, kupo. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Look around the small gfix in the NE shore of the Mist Continent. I won’t patronize you, I’m going to assume you’ve played a Playstation before and I’ll assume you know what X means To address Vivi’s ticket problem, head for the Alley where you’ll meet the rat kid again. At least until I finally decide to replay this game.

After the battle, speak to Hades to access his synth shop. Go through the hallway to the Weapons Shop. Save your game and learn about Mognet by talking to Kupo. Have Vivi join them and you’ll receive rewards upon achieving a certain number of consecutive guive. It’s worth noting, although he is already and easy fight, that Meltigemini is vulnerable to Mini.


King guidde Jump Rope. Proceed to the next screen, this area has the Ticket Booth at its center, but you don’t need to go there yet.

Ghils Sep 1, I’ll try ffiix to ruin the plot with Spoilers so feel free to read ahead, in fact I suggest you do. Vivi, for example, is not capable of being anything other than rfix Black Mage. Just press the buttons he tells you to correctly and quickly. The game did leave something to be desired in terms of character customization – each of the characters is specifically geared towards and pigeon-holed into a specific class. And I totally missed it because I was following this guide.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy IX/TH

Defeat the creature and it comes back for a second helping. Limit Breaks have become one of the staples of the series. Side Quests Part 2. This item will only be frix to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Thankfully the music is still extremely strong.

Alexandria Card ; Jumps: I’d recommend not playing Jack now. Exit the shop and talk to Hippaul standing just left of the shop near the path up. Check the pot on the roof for 92 Gil. It is one of the worst side ftix in the Final Fantasy series. Go look near the mountains facing the ocean on the southwest gide of the Mist Continent. There is an achievement attached to this!

Downstairs in the corner by the stove you can find Eye Drops. Side Quests Part 1. The setting and plot of FF9 are a throw back to the more old-timey feel of earlier titles in the Final Fantasy series. Feel free to ask me any questions on my talk page Unlike the last couple of installments, this game goes back to the series’ roots, focusing on knights, princesses, castles and magic which you might prefer to the sci-fi esque FF7 and FF8.


Exit and check the grass across from the tavern to collect 33 Gil and a Goblin Card then head left. Trance fades when the red meter empties. LoneWolf Jun 8, 5: Unlike the last couple of installments, this game goes back to the series’ roots, focusing on knights, princesses, castles and magic which you might prefer to the sci-fi esque FF7 and FF8.

I been recentely occupied by other things so I kinda place it on hold.

In the mock battle against King Leo, defeat the goons first then deal with Baku. Share directly to my status. You can try this mini game now or wait until Disc 3. Chocobo Treasure Hunt Part 2. FF9 is definitely still worth playing, and is still a good game overall, but it does not compare to some of the other games. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Eunorus Plains, near the coast northwest of Lindblum.

I hear there’s a sunken treasure near a peninsula in the southern part of the Outer Continent, kupo. In saying that, I do not mean to imply that it is a bad game, but it certainly has more flaws and problems than any of its predecessors and these flaws and problems were much more difficult to ignore. A prompt will appear at the lower-left corner of the screen if an ATE is available ; press the Select button to view them The Gide Keeper.