{Anarchie et christianisme. English] Anarchy and Christianity / Jacques Ellul; translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley. p. cm. Translation of; Anarchie et christianisme. Jacques Ellul often made brief comments, in his fifty or so books, affirming a kind of anarchism as the Anarchy and Christianity is his extended essay on the. Jacques Ellul blends politics, theology, history, and exposition in this analysis of the relationship between political anarchy and biblical faith. On the one hand.

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In the composite structure of the Roman empire it applied to all goods. Perhaps it is the great merit of the Death-of-God theol- ogies not to have killed off God but to have destroyed the images that we have made of God. They stoned his finance minister.

I sometimes need the reminder that there is something larger to live for than my own petty concerns. Naturally, the verses that refer to the herein are a severe trial for believers who take the Bible seriously.

Though the biblical God is the Almighty, in practice he does not make use of his omnipotence in his dealings with us except in particular instances which are recorded precisely because they are abnormal e.

After all, Christianity is a personal relationship with God. It therefore rejects the idea that human governments have ultimate authority over human societies.

This may not always succeed, for we humans have to take part in it, and we may fail. Anarchists, wanting no politi- cal, economic, or intellectual master, also want no religious master, no God, of whom the masters of this world, as we have seen, have made abundant use. After two years we had gained the confidence and friendship of the villagers.

Critics of Christian anarchism include both Christians christianjty anarchists. He constructs most of his argument by analyzing passages of the bible Hebrew Bible and New Testament alike that have traditionally been used to support state power. Hence adherence to the Christian faith is not in any sense a privilege in relation to other people but an additional commission, a responsibility, a new work.


Full text of “Jacques Ellul: Anarchy & Christianity”

I believe that what we have already said will facilitate our reply. These visible things are the sociological and institutional aspect of the church but no more; they are not the church. In many ways a way of speaking of the politics of Jesus from a slightly different angle. Theologians who were under the influence of a monarchy whether that of Rome or that of the 16th and 17th centuries might have insisted on om- nipotence by way of imitation, but they did so by mistake.

A friend of mine, a doctor of law, a licentiate in mathematics, and an anarchist or very nearly sodecided on a real return to the land. My only effort has been to put the questions better so that those who claim to be atheists or agnostics may do so for good reasons and not for reasons that are false or fanciful.

Book Review: Anarchy and Christianity by Jacques Ellul

This brings us to an even more basic point. Jesus, then, had a very simple answer: He respected individual conscience. Those who held the coins were very precarious owners. How can we say, then, that he does not force us?

The only interpretations he offered that I found convincing were ones that I had already been convinced of jacquees. The statement is impressive: A History of the Brotherhood Church.

War became a means to win new territories for Chris- tianity and to force pagan peoples to become Christian. Having said all this, I make no pretense at all of having convinced my readers. The Roman Catholic Church is less compliant, but we must not forget that under Hitler, if it did not directly aid the regime, We must unmask the ideological falsehoods of the many powers, and especially we must show that the famous theory of the rule of law which lulls the democracies is a lie from beginning chrisstianity end.


It has always been upheld, but by a small number of people, mostly anonymous, though their traces remain. Jun 17, Shawn Birss rated it it was amazing.

But does that mean that we are not to act at all? Murray Bookchin “Ecology and Revolutionary Thought”.

Anarchy and Christianity – Jacques Ellul – Google Books

What is of real importance is that they spoke to their time; their anarchist concepts followed naturally from the rural society that furnished the bands of the peasant armies in Germany and the New Model in England.

Wipf and Stock Publishers. My people, what have I done that you should turn from me? Caesaropapism Christian republic Divine right of kings. In addition, the same texts and all the prophetic books bring to light a politically very odd phenomenon, namely, that for every king there was a prophet.

Anarchy and Christianity

Here again we find the same strange phenomenon as before. Additionally, Ellul doesn’t refer to the chaotic, rebellion-oriented regimes that often come to our minds when we think about anarchy.

Obviously, we have here a complete reversal of the preaching of Jesus, the epistles of Paul, and also the prophets. For Christian anarchists the moment which epitomises the degeneration of Christianity is the conversion of Emperor Constantine after his victory at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge in From the days of Constantine and for many years serious historians have doubted the sincerity of his conversion, viewing jacquew as a purely political act the state has supposedly been Christian.

I gave it five stars to acknowledge that it is essential reading for a Christian interested in anarchism.