BRIKWARS Book One: Core Rules. Next: Chapter 1: Gameplay · QuikWars · CONTENTS Navigation Bar, 1: Gameplay. The Core! BOOK ONE: CORE. BrikWars is a miniatures wargame, but unlike more serious wargames, BrikWars is The BrikWars rules let players take turns moving toy troops and toy vehicles . BrikWars is a free miniatures wargaming system by Mike Rayhawk, created for use with plastic The rulebook repeatedly encourages fun over obsessive rules- lawyering, with an emphasis on making the game as enjoyable as possible for all .

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Three more were invented by the first minifigs ruels BR 1, Nothing says gaming like funny dice. Regardless of the “official” mission objectives, reducing a pristine battlefield to complete chaos counts as a clear moral victory. Regardless of what type of ground a minifig is walking on, it’s is treated as non-flammable by default, unless players want to spend a whole lot of time tracking wild ground fires.

Parry or Shove only; can provide cover. Because Weapon Size increases a Weapon’s Use rating along with the Damage, the highest-damage weapons are most effective against the largest targets. What I Say Goes Rolls are good for mediating disputes and introducing new material outside the scope of the rulebook, but they also give every player at the table a nuclear option. I remember seeing the original art as a kid and thinking it was incredible. Views Read Edit View history.

Remember that if the Squad is trying to Withdraw or Ignore the combat, bricmwars to Parry or Bail will use up the units’ Actions.

BRIKWARS Chapter 1: Gameplay

Rulss War” Elements shown: A version released to rec. While the riles can be played with non-construction-toy-related objects, such as action figuresstuffed animalsor chessmenthe rules lend themselves best to figures and structures which can be easily disassembled and reconstructed. There was a link somewhere on there to brikwars. But how, then, do you refer to multiples?

Always been a lego fan. Hippie 2 takes the remaining pike hit. No Sprinting if carried; one turn to Set Up with Weapon.


The player should then revise their position, although you might let them get away with keeping it if the beating was good enough. Brcikwars enemies drop half their value in CP for heroes to collect, even or especially if it makes no sense for them to be carrying anything.

Creatures who are made of Fire, like djinnis, lava monsters, and Michael Jordan, do not suffer Fire penalties or Burning Rolls. While most minifigs carry two weapons at most, so they rarely get to Press the Attack more than once per turn, rjles Squad can sometimes loop through these steps several more times if its individual members are attempting multiple types of Maneuvers that have to be handled in succession.

Players use collected CP to buy new units, repairs, and upgrades between battles. In most military and professional organizations, Tek jobs are reserved for rulfs the minifigs whose skills are needed but who don’t fit that faction’s cultural ideal – usually yellow, male, and non-alien.

Size zero Creations have zero Power.

BrikWars – Wikipedia

Making their Attack Roll, the Roman Squads roll bfickwars pile of five dice for the pikes, and a second pile of ten dice for the swords, counting the number of successful hits from each weapon type but with no other concern for which hits came from which specific Squad members.

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Bound by their oaths to the Daemonslayer Legionidus and cast out with him from Volhalla to the shores of hell, these slain Vol warriors grow in power by drinking the blood of the Daemons they defeat. Surviving forces carry over between battles in the campaign.

The Quantumsurfers Silverdream and Colette reminisce about their idealistic hand-in-glove covenant to rule together in a harmony of tolerance and acceptance, during their inevitable attempt to brutally murder one another. Except for Squad members that used up their Actions to Parry or Bail in response to Counterattacks, the Squad may now move and take Action freely – possibly to engage in Brickwafs Combat elsewhere. We brcikwars it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts.


It is designed to be simple and flexible, allowing for its players’ full range of creativity in creating armies, creatures, vehicles, and worlds out of construction toys. The suit packs dual flamers, the MechSlayer cannon, and a heatbeam eye, but its greatest weapon is the giant OT-powered Warsword. Medium Animals Size 2″ Chapter H: While BrikWars, in its characteristic freewheeling style, encourages you to change, ignore, and make up rules however you like, it can be a lot of brcikwars to wade through pages and pages of information, deciding exactly which rules to keep and which to toss.

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It was actually completed and formally “published” instarting a tend of the year in the name lagging behind the year of release. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


Download the Scout card. Explosive Size is measured in construction bricks rather than inches. If players choose to include Fire in their battle, they should make sure to have several d4s close at hand for Fire Damage rolls, a handful of markers to indicate active Fires riles pieces are best, but red and rulse bricks or pips will work in a pinchand if they’re really dedicated, a scattering of loose black and gray bits to show burned areas.

Unlike most wargames, BrikWars is heavily focused on the players building heh a narrative as they go. On the other hand, an Energy Shield doesn’t slow minifigs down the way heavier armor does, and the two can even be combined for the ultracowardly. This page was last edited on 5 Julybickwars Backstabbing can be a tricky thing. This step is not repeated if the Squad chooses to Press the Attack.