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ADF reinforcement plate 3 Remove the screw, slightly brotber up the front end of the ADF reinforcement plate, slightly slide the plate to the front, and turn it upright. CR support chassis front and rear sides of upright rear edge Apply a 2 mm diameter ball of grease FLOIL BG to each of the 22 lubrication points front and back surfaces of the rear vertical edge of CR support chassis as shown below. Page WSW38 V. Resetting purge or flushing counter 1 Switch the machine to the maintenance mode using the steps below.

User’s Guide

Black ink print mode If any color ink runs out, printing is no longer possible by default. This roller ejects paper and keeps paper tension tight. Maximum OGM recording time 0 1: When assembling the media module cover, control panel base, latch spring, color LCD unit, and panel plate, follow the steps below.

Page [ 4 ] Power transmission route to the head maintenance mechanism and motor rotational direction This mechanism draws its power from two motors–the ASF motor DC motor in the right rear corner of the engine chassis and the paper feed motor DC motor on the left side.

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If program loading with an external memory fails, load programs from the PC following the instructions given on page App. See Chapter 9, Section 9.

Erasing time length of ICM tone 0 0 1: Specifying the LCD type only for models with a 3. It is impossible to anticipate all of the possible problems which may occur in future and determine the troubleshooting procedures, so this section covers some sample problems.

Page 14 Take out the ink supply tubes routed on the lower cover. Brother is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother MFC-990CW All in One Printer User Manual

In flat-bed scanning, is the document placed face down on the scanner glass? Before replacement of the main PCB, back up the machine information and user setting information, referring to Chapter 9, Section 9.

Save them in an arbitrary folder in your PC. Page WSW No. If the Pause key is pressed repeatedly, the machine inserts the specified WAIT multiplied by the number of depressions. Transmission of caller ID wetting pulse If the machine fails to display a caller ID due to a wetting pulse transmitted after the detection of a tone alert, disable the transmission of caller ID wetting pulse. When setting the backup batteryroute the mcf-990cw harness through the cable guide on the upper cover as shown below.

Check the following components For the paper feed roller adjustment 5 Drag and drop the “pfadj.

Brother MFC cw User Manual | Page /

Use the latter group if the machine malfunctions due to mismatching. This function is applicable to the MFC only. Appendix 7 Deletion of User Setting Information Provides instructions on how to delete user setting information recorded in the machine and cordless handset s. BD, AF – When the power is turned on, abnormal noises will be heard from the machine. At the user site, if the machine cannot print FAX data received and left in the machine due to the printing mechanism defective, the service personnel should instruct the end user to follow the transfer procedure given in this chapter to transfer the FAX data to another machine before sending the machine for repair.


The following illustration is a cross-sectional view of the machine viewed from the right. Always valid Off-hook alarm 1 0: Abnormal stop of purge Foreign materials in the Remove foreign materials. Enable memory message transmission No.

The one on the right in the mfc-990cww below has a loose film across its top and serves as a damper. Page 5 Customizing codes customize firmware for individual models, enabling the common firmware to be used for various models. Carrying out this procedure will lose passwords previously entered but retain FAX messages received in the Pin TX lock mfc-99c0w. Preparation Prior to proceeding with the disassembly procedure, 1 Be sure to back up the machine information and user setting information into an external memory.