Don’t Miss Out on Your Favourites from the PartyLite Catalogues. SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL LIST OF DISCONTINUED ITEMS. Hi. A list of the products being phased out of the PartyLite Australia catalogue. A new catalogue will be released on February 1, by wcurley in Types. Le porte bougie en pot Cleary Creative Pour en voir plus/to see more: www. lespassionsdenat ยท catalogue hiver printemps Partylite. See more.

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Earth Hour began in Sydney inwhen 2. But when you add the crisp air, the dark nights, and being indoors more If you aren’t coming to a show this month, then I’ll be happy to put an order in for you. Be a part of it! Each night I would give the candle a hug and toddle off to bed. Think carefully about placement, and snuff out the candles when catalogus go to sleep. Earth Hour is happening at 8.

So into the pit the flame went. Now, if you can’t burn candles, you can still improve the situation. Our prettiest votive holder is this month’s starter bonus. You can see the smoke coming from the candle in the first photo. As you know, I burn candles all year around.

Give them life and then replace them. The other pillar candle was sitting in another nice display, It was dusty, still had the plastic wrap around it, and I’m pretty sure it was leaning slightly to one partylit.


Show your support by switching off your lights and lighting your candles as your vote for Earth in the battle against global warming. So bring in some candlelight to share with your workmates.

If you’re writing a document, and can’t think of the next line, look at the candle and ask the candle what to say I work at home, with the dogs asleep around me, a candle flickering nearby and the music playing lightly in the background. We could make it your starter prtylite, and then you could keep up the fundraising all year long.

Join me in the best job party,ite the world. Book parytlite Grand Opening today! Of course, you never want cheap tealights – you want beautiful, clean burning PartyLite all the time! Tuesday, January 27, February Newsletter! Don’t start a fire. Call me and let’s book it. I wish I’d taken a picture.

If you’re listening to music, turn off all the lights and light 7 candles around the room. Candles Make You Work Better.

Partylite 2009 Catalog

You can view this review here. That’s more than most people can afford to give. Candles create an atmosphere where you can achieve creativity and focus. If you are lucky enough to work in an environment where you can burn candles, I have two words for you: Ahhh the life of a candle lady.

Posted by Wendy Lloyd Curley at 1: Posted by Wendy Lloyd Curley at If you’re on Facebook, light one nearby. Soot comes from this one no matter how 2090 I trim the wick. It burnt nicely, smelled great, and the wax melted to the edges of the candle. A selection of our products has been highlighted with other bridal table-setting ideas. Posted by Wendy Lloyd Curley at 5: Saturday, March 28, April Candle Connection.

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And with the fabulous PartyLite benefits and your altruistic cause, I bet you will be able to get bookings for shows from lots of places.

You can get Revialise in a reed diffuser, too. Our beautiful Symmetry 3 in 1 Holder is on sale for April hosts. PartyLite is a perfect way to make your wedding and your reception special.

Give generously to charity in these economic times? I have decided to donate 10 cwtalogue of my profits in May to the McGrath Foundation. I’m working now as I type this entry. In May, PartyLite Australia turns 7.

We Love Candles:

Keep a PartyLite candle tin and a box of matches in your toiletries bag – that way you always have a candle with you when you travel.

Reed Diffusers might be the solution you are looking for. Call me to order.