Without Form and Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis [Arthur C. Custance] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Without Form and Void has 6 ratings and 1 review. Arthur C. Custance Author Arthur Custance wrote his book “Without Form and Void” to argue that. “Without Form And Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis ” by – Arthur C. Custance – ISBN: , Classic Reprint Press.

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Tom Muckian marked it as to-read Aug 25, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sim- ilarly, clear evidence appears in the oldest extant Version of cusgance Hebrew Scriptures the Targum of 0nkelos and some intimation may be seen in the “punctuation marks” of the Massoretic text of Genesis Chapter One.

Without Form and Void : Arthur C. Custance :

Yet Delitzsch was also. The usual view is that when geologists “proved” the earth to be billions of year sold, conservative biblical students suddenly dis- covered a way of salvaging the Mosaic account rorm introducing a gap of unknown duration between these two verses.

Akiba ben Joseph was an influential Jewish rabbi who was president.

Hebrew scholar supports this view”! Nam quod illa priam.

Custance contends that we should not allow science to determine what Scripture says. While this essay of Professor Young’s is a pleasure to read for.

But there were some who, being aware of the “long-held view” which we have traced thus far, suddenly perceived that there really need be no conflict at all. They are simply the beginning of a new statement or record.

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Pusey of Oxford Ad whose work on Daniel provided him with an opportunity to give a summary statement of his own views on the matter.

Without Form and Void : A Study of the Meaning of Genesis 1.2

He made several other worlds before ours, but He destroyed them all, because He was pleased with none until He created ours. Caedmon is not as specific as one would wish but his view in brief is that the created order which preceded the present heaven and earth? In which case we may better understand the background of his words in writing to the Corinthians II Cor. Now Pusey was a careful voud though complex – writer.

But now it has been destroyed and made empty, as. It marked the beginning of a war between chronologists, the secular and the biblical, between those who were demanding enormous periods of time of inconceivable mag- nitude and those who, assuming that the first of the creative days also marked the origin of the earth, held the process to have occupied a few thousand years at most.

Both the impetus which brought it to general. It was certainly in part due to the learning which this king himself evidently enjoyed that royal patronage was so gladly given to the revival of the only schools known to that age. Anf and later Prior of the monastery in Paris.

Aquila Ponticus was a relative of the Emperor Hadrian, living in the second century B.

They express simply a past condition of the earth at the beginning of the six days of creation; they express nothing as to the relation of that condition with the creation of heaven and earth ‘In the beginning’.


The first, which forms the bulk of the book, is anf the Hebrew verb in Gen. At present of the whole series. Where, then, nothing was said on the one side, there could.

He held that though in the previous period the earth may have been “a fair residence of life”, it had be come a desolation: Dwight Bemisderfer marked it as to-read Oct 13, The earliest manuscript we now have is of the 10th.

Without Form and Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis – Arthur C. Custance – Google Books

We are in no position at present to determine precisely how the. Both the impetus which brought it to general notice and the company it kept in its heyday combined to make it doubly suspected among conservative scholars and totally ignored by liberal ones. If the translation of ‘and’ and ‘was’ is correct, then verse 2 appears to be merely a anx of verse 1, signifying that its formless condition was proper to the initial stages of God’s creative activity.

It was on a. The use of animation as a mnemonic aid is.

At any rate, it seems to. According to Bernard Ramm, the subject received its first scient.

Without Form and Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis 1:2

How long it continued in such. It is one indication. Thus the supposed contradiction is removed.