EJÉRCITO ZAPATISTA DE LIBERACIÓN NACIONAL. MÉXICO. SEXTA DECLARACIÓN DE LA SELVA LACANDONA. Ésta es nuestra palabra. Audio de la Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona del EZLN, transmitida por radio el primero de enero de Issued on January 1st, , the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle declared “the flower of the word will not die.” The government launched a.

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Trasmito, voluntariamente todos los dias.

Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano 9 de abril de In capitalism, there are some people who have money, or capital, and factories and stores and fields and many things, and there are others who have nothing but their strength and knowledge in order to work. The temporal deixis tries to compensate the ideologically marked position the war against the peace for the collective mentality.

And then we saw quite clearly that there was no point to dialogue and negotiation with the bad governments of Mexico. We saw that blood did not matter to them, nor did death, suffering, mobilizations, consultas, efforts, national and international statements, encuentros, accords, signatures, commitments. Al principio no somos muchos, apenas unos cuantos andamos de un lado a otro, hablando y escuchando a otras personas como nosotros. Comentario de Santiago — julio 17, 4: If we pay attention to some words or key syntactic phrases: Como podiramos participar en los encuentros que tenga?

Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

We all have a cause to peacefully fight for. Colectivo Lucio Blanco, cd. Comentario de julio cesar villalobos — abril 25, 8: We are inviting all indigenous, workers, campesinos, teachers, students, housewives, neighbors, small businesspersons, small shop owners, lacnadona, pensioners, handicapped persons, religious men and women, scientists, artists, intellectuals, young persons, women, old persons, homosexuals and lesbians, boys and girls — to participate, whether individually or collectively, directly with the zapatistas in this NATIONAL CAMPAIGN for building another way of doing politics, for a program of national struggle of the left, and for a new Constitution.


Comentario de panamared — enero 4, Revolucion social, eso es lo que le hace falta al mundo, menos dinero en bombas y misiones al espacio y mas pan para los pobres. Alquimia Zapatista Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano 2 de enero de Comentario de Patricia — diciembre 6, Texture is closely related to the rhetorical and sequential structure.

And we have seen the great injustices and massacres that neoliberal globalization causes throughout the world. And every selfa often the bad governments tested us and tried to deceive us or to attack us, like in February of when they threw a huge number of armies at us, but they did not defeat us. Entiendo que su lucha es constante pero estoy tan lejos de vivir una realidad como la de ustedes que me cuesta imaginarlo. Comentario de Cristian — abril 3, 9: Comentario de Juan Pablo — agosto 27, 1: Based on such selection and construction, the Zapatistas are able to stand for warfare against Carlos Salinas de Gortari.


Comentario de gurrillero — noviembre 22, Comentario de Lucas — diciembre 27, 9: Comentario de Pablolius — abril 20, Then neoliberal globalization, capitalism, destroys what exists in these countries, it destroys their culture, their language, their economic system, their political system, lacwndona it also destroys the ways in which those who live in that country relate to each other.

The most important fact in spatial deixis is the almost mythical recreation of the Selva Lacandona. And this is what the declaration does, asserting that there is an ongoing war. Photos of a new Zapatista school construction!

sherwoodforest | R-T

Aunque nuestras realidades difieren. And the first thing we saw was that our heart was not the same as before, when we began our struggle.

On one side of the opposition, the discourse talks about the dictators lacadnona the dictatorship: Comentario de Fabian Benitez — diciembre 6, 2: El capitalismo destruye, los pueblos lacaneona.

Comentario de julio — diciembre decaracion, 5: Anthony Blair, Charles A. Nadie explica a la gran masa de gente que estas personas luchan por un mundo mejor, por cambiar a mejor las cosas. Yo conosco el norte y llevo sangre india, y no somos tan diferentes, nuestros pueblos son controlados por narcotraficantes, nuestro mismo govierno local esta comprado por ellos, y nos oprimen, nos matan y nos roban lo poquito que tenemos.