Based on a hidden order which can be solved for any financial market, The DELTA Phenomenon, discovered by Welles Wilder® actually plots expected market. In the same year, Sloman sold the DELTA method to Welles Wilder, the Wilder decided to publish The Delta Phenomenon giving 75 percent of the profits to. My name is Welles Wilder. 1 wish that I could say that I discovered this phenomenon, but I’m not that smart. It all began with a phone call. It was the second week.

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After utilizing this information for willder few weeks, I had another idea. But if you are ready to take a leap of faith in entering a “new” dimension in TA, you might be interested in studying this book, but be warned that you might accidentally fall in a black hole in search of fool’s gold.

I now knew the probability that the turn would occur within a specific time frame for each point. I took the charts to a quick copy center and had each chart copied onto sheets of acetate. DELTA is not a market follower, it is the reason for market cycles. The one market that everybody knew about was the one in the brochure Each Delta turning point was defined by its relative position to the nearest colored eilder. I have tried to write this book so that you will be caught up in the adventure of discovering the hidden order in the markets.

Jim asked me if I could zero in on the logic of it based on what I had seen so far.

BOOK REVIEW: The Delta Phenomenon

However, to answer the question, you can’t be sure of the solution until you have an inversion. It also means for me the word ‘diagnosis,’ a diagnosis of the markets. One man working alone in Chicago in the summer of rediscovered what I believe was Marechal’s secret.

This is another example of a pause in a confirmed down trend. We reasoned that when the interaction of all three bodies resulted in a time frame, then the third body takes the place of the number 4 and the series becomes one happening or unity.


Handing Jim the check, I had another question. Already I have made quite a bit of money by using this system.

My Book Reviews

How did that come about? DELTA does not tell the trader when to enter a trade. It would take too long to answer those questions in full, but I am very, very careful who I accept as directors.

After quite an exhausting computer analysis on historical data, the result w’as that the parameters in the bock were the best general parameters for all markets. For example, Lumber had some points that were only 3 months apart and some that were 12 months apart. In what state did you do your land developing?

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My life has not been the same since! And to this end, continuing support delya provided in a variety of ways. I knew that when I found it, every day would match perfectly with a previous day “X” number of days ago.

I ts not often that truly original discoveries are made in technical market analysis. The last answer pertained to all the points in this case eleven in the series. Use Yahoo’s interactive stock charts to get historical charts to get the solution phenomeonn a stock your looking at. There are no annual sustaining fees for Directors. Later work with more data confirmed that Point 1 actually comes where Jim had Point 4.

That is, major changes of direction and major moves are most likely to occur at or on each side of Point 1. This shows that with only two series and an inversion that the correct solution can be found. If so, a waiting list will be set up.

Do you feel more confident or is your profit margin better now that you’re using Delta than when you were using mechanical systems? To tabulate the long term DELTA turning points phenpmenon going back even farther when the data was available.

That is why all the academicians cranking away on their main-frame computers looking in more and more sophisticated ways for evidence of cyclicality or randomness or whatever cannot ever discover it, even if their computers crank away night and day for the next hundred years.

For the markets with a high number of Delta turning points, I prefer the weekly charts. Jim has taught himself to do this. One day it occurred to me that I could increase the accuracy of determining the turn day if I knew the average of that point for the documented history of DELTA for that commodity.


When one plots the DELTA turning points on a daily bar chart and watches the market action relative to these points, one gets a feel for the real underlying strength and weakness in a market that can be discerned in no other way. It is not based on support and resistance lines or areas of congestion. It was the second week in September, No market always goes straight up or straight down.

Then I would write the only original and proper book revealing it in its entirety. What we are saying wiilder that each market is locked into this interaction deltx the sun, moon, and earth. But there was no denying it.

When I returned home from the London Delta Directors meeting, I instructed Tom Berry to use an existing computer program that generated weekly price bars and to overlay the chart with the four colored lines.

Directors flew in from all over the U. Obviously, the lower the AR, the more accurate the point.

The Delta Phenomenon

This would then enable him to develop computer programs that would give future dates for any market. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I had made an overlay for each chart which showed the location for the DELTA intermediate turning velta. Then we got hold of a chart that went back to Pick another number, say the number 2. The AR was obtained by taking each previous occurrence of that turning point and calculating the absolute value of the distance of that from the average date for that point – then adding all of these days together and dividing by the number of previous occurrences of that point and multiplying that number by