A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic Edred Thorsson Thorsson goes over many different areas in this book. Thorsson, Edred. Runelore: a handbook of esoteric runology. Bibliography: p. I. Rune-Miscellanea. 2. Magic 3. Inscriptions, Runic. 4. O ld Norse poetry. I. Tide. Runelore is divided into two parts. In Part One of Runelore, Historical Lore, Thorsson uses archaeological evidence to explain where the runes come from, what.

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As for not liking the book because it is not Asatru, I do not see why one cannot like thorzson book that is not about their own religion.

Some of us do follow multiple traditions and some of us can keep the teachings separate. Reading the definitions of the 24 runes was painful to say the least. Some may have a problem with his writing style and his past, I think it gives his writings backbone. In my conversations with him he has always been respectful, knowledgeable, remarkably humble, and open to disagreement and debate.

Apr 07, Volmarr Wyrd rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I hope you find a satisfactory answer to your search. Flowers’ release of all these books of mysticism runs counter to that in my opinion, especially since his name pops up when people google the religion. Flair your post appropriately. Although slightly less painful than those found in his other work: If this stuff sounds good to you, then by all means, enjoy!


Runelore: The Magic, History, and Hidden Codes of the Runes by Edred Thorsson

My second and last book I will ever read on esoteric runology. The first is that my view of fate and time has changed quite a bit since I wrote the book. Otherwise, I think you’ll have better luck with Flowers in the more inclusive Pagan subs like I said.

And I will grab both of those books you mentioned. Paperbackpages. Combing historical lore with a detailed investigation, Runelore focuses on the esoteric aspects of the runic tradition. Flowers writes occult ritual structure into his prayers, it really boils down to that.

Overall one of the better books on runes that leaves the fluff behind. So on to my critique of my yhorsson work. I don’t know if I will put together a second edition or instead try to write a follow-up.

All other books should be gauged according to the information in these two books to determine accuracy. This would loore a long discussion but I now think the Norns are universally badly covered in Heathen literature and my book is no exception.

While it contains some things from the first book, it definitely has some surprises of its own. Fhorsson a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. For whatever reason I never thought to look to see if the rune guild had its own web site.

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Violation of this rule may result in a ban, with or without warning. If so, Pollington’s primer on the runes is pretty good, and others have recommended the first half of Diana Paxon’s Taking up the Runes.

Page is another great source. Search First, and show it. Of the authors in this area, he is probably the one who has had the strongest academic background in this area.

Want to Read saving….

Runelore: The Magic, History, and Hidden Codes of the Runes

The mods are the final authority on the rules. Are his books Asatru specific? Runes are more like a form of divine mystery to us than just bones to cast for divination.

This book does have some of ederd in part one. If you read his LHP and Runic books you will see a sharp difference of viewpoint. Reprinted with a newly designed cover, Runelore offers a complete picture of the Runes. How bad are Edred Thorsson books?