Historical thriller set against the backdrop of China’s ancient Tsong Dynasty. : El lector de cadáveres () by Antonio Garrido and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. El lector de cadáveres by Antonio Manuel Garrido Molina at – ISBN X – ISBN – Espasa Libros, S.L. –

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The first half started out very slowly but I persevered and the second half was worth the effort!

Descriptions are acceptable, but given this unusual setting, they could have been a real highlight for today’s western readers. There are some violent moments in the book, as well as detailed descriptions of corpses and their injuries, not one for the squeamish, but you couldn’t really have a book about a corpse reader without it. The interaction over the sale of his brother’s land is a good cafaveres of this.

The Corpse Reader by Antonio Garrido

Set in ancient China around a boy with a knack for forensics. Everyone seems to love this book on Goodreads.

What Garridp is doing in the first part of this work is conditioning us to what life was like in a Confucian world. People died on him, people betrayed him, people stole from him, people wanted to hunt him down, people wanted to execute him etc.

El lector de cadáveres

The Corpse Reader tells the story of Ci Song, a young scholar who’s been dealt the worst hand possible. I listened the the audio book version of this and the narration wasn’t bad, but i question the author in making two main characters have such similar names that while spelled differently came across as sounding the same out loud.


The second half is much more interesting, opening up a complex murder mystery in the courts of ancient China. Things, of course, do not work out so easily. A ruthless and cruel man that not many people in the village likes.

Pack — El lector de cadáveres

Would have made him more interesting. That’s what I wanted to read about! The writing style was too plain, seemingly stripped of the original author’s intent. As I read it, I kept seeing parallels to other historical mysteries: Plein de suspense et de surprises! Based on the life of Ci Song, the world’s first forensic scientist, this is a historical mystery set in 13th century China. While in the midst of Garrido’s tale, however, you only feel the pull of the story.

There is no real cleverness here. To ask other readers questions about The Corpse Readerplease sign up. Second, the writing was did nothing for me. I really enjoyed this book. Ci Song has such ear 4. I loved finding out about all the different customs, such as why children’s jackets had five buttons, and how many times you should refuse a gift before accepting it graciously.

A great summer read! Another reason why I couldn’t give this a higher rating was because the cadavedes were either bland or flat out hateable, with only maybe two exceptions.


Most of cadavwres giant leaps of inspiration were stupid. Took me a moment to figure out we’d gone from present time to a long backstory. Unfortunately, the grandfather dies and Song is forced to return home and become subject to his crass and dissipated older brother. I had high hopes for The Corpse Reader, which was described as a tale of rudimentary forensic science being employed by a bright young peasant in imperial China, but I think I’m gonna quit it.

Yes, a different country and cadavveres apart, but in both there is this feeling that things cannot possible get any worse…until they do. He was supposed to have been a genius from the start, but in the beginning most other people were simply crude and dumb, so he looked good in comparison only. But he remains driven cadaveree his passion for truth—especially once the killings threaten to take down the Emperor himself. Ci takes what he learned as a forensic investigator and expounds on it and eventually catching the attention of the emperor.

It’s not that unfamiliar and is really worthy of your consideration.