Liebert Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) for the Single Module The Series UPS has been designed for Commercial/Industrial use only. Single Phase UPS system S i n g l e m o d u l e a n d ‘1 + N’ (e x p a n d a b l e) UNINTERRUPTIBLEPOWERSYSTEM User Manual EMERSON Network Power. Single phase ups system • Read online or download PDF • Emerson User Manual.

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This is located inside the battery cabinet if used or is otherwise located adjacent to the battery racks Mimic panel LED LS2 should illuminate and LS7 alarm should extinguish.

Open the Battery circuit breaker and the Rectifier input power switch Q1. If these are significantly emedson from the values previously logged then, if possible, record the size, type and location of any additional load connected to the UPS supply since the previous inspection.

Warning and alarm messages are displayed on the upper row of 7400m. Listen for any noticeable change in audible noise.

Communication takes place via a single ribbon cable connected between the modules as illustrated in figure 4. Reconnect the UPS input mains power. Isolate the UPS input mains supply eemrson also the bypass supply if a split bypass is in use and isolate the battery.

Emerson Network Power India Pvt. All equipment maintenance and servicing procedures involve internal access and should emmerson carried out only by trained personnel. If you already own and use a Liebert, we are doubly honoured by your decision of continuing this relationship.

Remote Alarm Monitor for Single Module This entails working inside the equipment in regions containing hazardous voltages. When you are satisfied that the equipment is complete and in good condition move it to its proposed final position. The M UPS manufactured before this series have different serial numbers: We are leading power solution provider and have experience of more than 15 years. The end of battery discharge is assumed when the battery voltage falls to Vdc.

It is presumed that a b c d All the panels are in single line up. Visit our blog Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The inverter synchronisation inhibit feature is most often used if the UPS is powered from a standby generator when the input mains supply fails and the generator frequency is unstable. Input isolator is closed. This should be completed before you touch any switch. The UPS must be commissioned by an engineer approved by the fmerson or his agent before being put into service.


Power emerxon applied through a standard two-pin mains connector located at the backside of the RAM. When shutting emersno the second emersln, the static bypass lines of both modules will be turned on as soon as its inverter is stopped. This 2 pin malefemale type connector is marked as N L.

If you encounter any problem with the procedures contained in this manual you should seek immediate assistance from Emerson Network Power India Pvt.

Carry out a thorough examination of the UPS power components and sub-assemblies, paying particular attention to the following Electrolytic capacitors – Check for signs of leakage, buckling etc. Carry out the weekly checks detailed above. Visit our blog Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. If this is your first Liebert UPS, we hope it is the beginning of a long relationship which delivers value to your organisation. It is usual in larger installations to provide an alternative UPS input power source from a stand-by generator when the mains supply fails.

If the UPS has not operated on battery power within the previous ten hours the battery charge current should be typically less than 6A. Pressing this switch turns OFF the inverter and causes the load to be transferred to the static bypass supply.

This type of customer feedback is an important factor in maintaining high product reliability, and also provides important data concerning the equipment field performance.

Recondition Emerson Online UPS, Model No.: M, Rs /unit | ID:

The UPS has its own internal voltage and frequency regulator circuits which ensure that its output is maintained within close tolerances independent of voltage and frequency variations on the mains power lines. Under normal circumstances the default window will be displayed.

Because every site has its peculiarities, it is not the aim of this chapter to provide step-by-step installation instructions, but to act as guide as to the general procedures and practices that should be observed by the installing engineer. Post ads for free Login Register How to partner with Clasf.


Three Phase Grey Emerson Liebert 30 KVA Hardly Used UPS, Commercial and Industrial IT Load For Use

The connection is redundant, disconnecting one cable lits a red LED on Parallel boards, disconnecting both cables inverter are blocked this last function may be disabled during servicing of the system. A DIP switch fitted to the display microprocessor board enables the displayed language to be easily selected to English, French, Italian, Spanish or German.

If possible, log the results of the inspection, noting any discrepancies from the norm. Measure and record the battery float charge voltage.

See figure 12 — Open the battery circuit breaker. When using the above contacts for remote alarm annunciation, the power supply for the remote indicators must be provided from an external power source.

All equipment maintenance and servicing procedures involve internal access and should be carried only by trained personnel. Chapter 4 — Optional Equipment Several items of optional equipment are available for fitting to the M series UPS for use by the customer as required.

On each module, connect the input supply cables between the mains distribution panel and the UPS input mains terminals.

In a Non-Redundant Module system LS6 will not illuminate on the first module to be started until you reach this point in starting the second module. This green led situated near the inverter ON switch illuminates when the inverter emeeson selected ON.

Pressing this switch cancels the audible alarm. Do not under any circumstances make internal circuit adjustments or interfere with the circuit boards in any other way. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

On each module – Open the battery circuit breaker followed by the input Isolator and Static Bypass Isolator if separate.