Title: EWR 21AUG95, Version: , Date: Aug, Status: Active, Desc: EWR EASTERN AND WESTERN RANGE (EWR). Tailored EWR , System Safety Program Plan, Noncompliance Requests, and Launch Complex Safety Training and Certification. Find the most up-to-date version of EWR CONT. DIST. at Engineering

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Although this Handbook is not regulatory except when repeating or referencing EWRit does contain guidance that will make the Range Safety approval to launch process simpler and more expedient. Remove all design solutions from EWR Population modeling is described in Appendix E.

In addition, print and electronic accessibility to a variety of Range 1271 documents is discussed.

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Nuclear and chemical industry Netherlands. Downrange radar assets at Antigua and Ascension Islands are required to provide the vehicle position data ewg to compute the IIP beyond approximately seconds Figure Hazardous material storage Hong Kong. The fundamental goal of the U. A collective risk standard i. Department of Defense Directive The supplement cites regulatory procedures promulgated by the U.

Eliminate requirements that cannot be validated.

The nominal flight path, the actual course of the vehicle, and the computed IIP change during flight. Also, it should be emphasized that the recommended transfer is about functions—not existing organizations or individuals.

Range safety user manual EWR (Eastern and Western Range ) [PDF] – Все для студента

EWRwhich was most recently updated on October 31,is based on earlier range safety manuals developed independently at the ER and WR. The location of the Africa gate typically corresponds to the position of the IIP at approximately to seconds after launch see Figure In addition, the safety office could also develop, procure, and certify standard flight safety systems and make them available to users.

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It will be important to establish a concept of operations that ensures safety decisions are objective and provides for effective communications between acquisition and operational commands involved in range safety.

This report presents six primary recommendations, which address risk management, Africa gates, roles and responsibilities, range safety documentation [EWR ]global positioning system GPS receiver tracking systems, and risk standards for aircraft and ships.

At the WR, safety analyses are rerun on launch days using measured wind data to reevaluate the safety metrics and verify that the launch meets the accepted safety criteria. EWR includes a great deal of detailed information on organizational roles and responsibilities.


The current placement of Africa gates derived from ILLs and destruct lines is based on risk avoidance. Click here to buy this book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available. This issue has been identified and discussed by the RCC:.

Obtaining final Range Safety approval to launch can be a tedious and difficult objective to achieve; however, with an understanding of the process, proper planning, and proper engineering, you can accomplish this goal in a manner that is consistent with mission objectives with little or no impact to your program budget or schedule.


Destruct lines and flight termination system requirements should be defined and implemented in a way that is directly traceable to accepted risk standards. First, the current risk criteria used by the Air Force are discussed. If tracking of the vehicle is not be available rwr that time, the flight is terminated.

The last part of this chapter examines risk criteria, risk management, and analysis methods, including the potential for eliminating downrange safety-related assets at the ER. To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter. Next, certain inconsistencies between these eer risk-management criteria and operational methods based on risk avoidance are described. No known international agreements would preclude moving the gates.

All ventures entail some risk. These thresholds are ultimately based on impact limit lines ILLswhich extend downrange from the launch site and define the area in which debris from planned stage drops, vehicle explosions, or thrust termination may land.

This conclusion is supported by calculations of E c during the downrange portion of flight, as noted above. Application of Risk Management.

Primary Recommendation on Africa Gates.