Yaws is a non-venereal tropical infectious disease caused by the organism Treponema pertenue.[1] This organism is closely related to the. Yaws is an infectious tropical disease caused by the spirochete (spiral shaped) bacterium known as Treponema pertenue. The disease presents in three stages . Yaws is a tropical disease characterized by a primary cutaneous lesion, followed by a granulomatous skin eruption, and sometimes by late destructive lesions of.

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Yaws – Wikipedia

Andrews’ Diseases of the Skin: One to 2 months after inoculation, up to 2 yearspatients develop disseminated papillomatous or ulcerative lesions with macular or hyperkeratotic palmoplantar involvement. The disease is characterized by an acute phase followed by a chronic, relapsing course in a minority of patients. Information on current clinical trials is posted on the Internet at www.

Retrieved 27 February Yaws shows the existence of a circle between disease and poverty, according to which both components feed each other. It occurs in children younger than 15 years of age. All studies receiving U. Epub Jan Radius, ulna, and fropical are the most frequent. PMC ] [ PubMed: Prognosis Prognosis with treatment is very good if caught during primary or secondary stages.

Early symptoms include lesions chancres of the skin, anus, vagina, or the moist surfaces of the mouth. Diagnosis is based on the combined clinical picture and serologic testing. Untreated lesions heal spontaneously over 3 to 6 months leaving hyperpigmentation.

At this stage, troopical glands swollen lymph nodes are not uncommon and the rash may develop a brown crust. To prevent its spread, affected children cannot go to school or play with other children. This disease affects the nerves that are located outside the central nervous system peripheral nervesand the skin, mucous membranes, and eyes. Benzathine penicillin subsequently supplanted this as it was found to have prolonged treponemicidal levels and convenient dosing.


It is not known in the United States.

Views Read Edit View history. Clear Turn Off Turn On. It means that these pathologies affect people living in rural environments particularly vulnerable in tropical and subtropical countries. Yaws is believed to have originated in tropical areas of Africa, and spread to other tropical areas of the world framhesia immigration and the slave trade.

The non-treponemal antibodies are the same as used in syphilitic disease: The global prevalence of this disease and the other endemic treponematoses, bejel and pintawas reduced by the Global Control of Treponematoses TCP programme between and from about 50 to million cases to about 2. frambesis

What is Yaws Disease?

Merck Research Laboratories; Although transmitted by skin to skin contact, initial lesions are on lower extremities, and it is also prevalent in hot and humid climates such as South America and Central America. Single-dose azithromycin versus benzathine benzylpenicillin for treatment of yaws in children in Papua New Guinea: Azithromycinbenzathine penicillin [4].

Mass treatment campaigns in the s reduced the worldwide prevalence from 50— million to fewer than 2. StatPearls Publishing; Jan.

J Am Acad Derm. If it affected people with purchasing power, yaws, along with other neglected tropical diseases, would have been already eradicated. Globalization and disease Mathematical modelling of disease Pandemic Transmission horizontal vertical Vaccination Zoonosis.

Although this is also a disease of children, it has many features distinguishing it from yaws, for example, a presence in hot, dry areas including deserts of Africa and Saudi Arabia, transmission from salivary contact, rare to have initial cutaneous lesions, and if present on oral mucosa, limited dissemination, destruction of nose and palate are late complications.

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Prognosis with treatment is very good if caught during primary or secondary stages. Infectious diseases Bacterial diseases: For the village in Iran, see Parangi, Iran. Still endemic in some parts of the world.

However, no evidence exists of cross-transmission between human beings and primates, but more research is needed to discount the possibility of a yaws animal reservoir in non-human primates. There are many clinical similarities but also some obvious differences, which may be due in part to differing sociological and economic backgrounds as well as varying climates and other factors. Epub Sep 4. Disease is most commonly seen in children and is transmitted from skin to skin contact.

These antibiotic drugs may also be used to prevent this disease in family members and others who are in frequent contact with affected individuals. To consent to our use of cookies, click OK or continue browsing. Based on symptoms, blood antibody frambseia, polymerase chain reaction [4].

Yaws General Discussion Yaws is an infectious tropical disease caused by the spirochete spiral shaped bacterium known as Treponema pertenue. Late lesions may occur 5 to 10 years after inoculation.