Abu Nu`aym al-Isfahani was a medieval Persian Muslim scholar. Born in Buwayhid era Isfahan, he travelled widely, visiting Nishapur, Basra, Kufa, Baghdad, Mecca and Andalusia. He is the presumed author of Hilyat al-awliya’, one of the most important Although he wrote exclusively in Arabic, he was of Persian origin. Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life. Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download by Nechdee, released 11 October Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download >>> Kitnay.

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Learn from what I am going to tell you. If he calls upon Me, 1 will surely answer him, and if he asks for your help, then you may help him. Thus, he sustained an arabuc and ever progressing spiritual state that made him evermore ready to perceive the hilyattul guidance, and consequently, his clarity was the prize of his humility before his Lord, which clarity manifested by his renouncing of personal comfort or any awlyia in mundane pleasures, and he did so by finding such strength solely arahic Allah, the Lord of majesty and glory.

My favor upon you is the most generous, and My dealing with you is the best of commerce. Therefore, whosoever commands what is good and beneficial, he would have become the backbone of the believer, and whosoever forbids what is evil and loathsome, he would have compelled the spite of a hypocrite to yield to the truth, whosoever always speaks the truth, he would have paid his dues and proved the truthfulness xrabic religious adherence, and whosoever forsakes the company of evil people, he would have spared himself the wrath of Allah, and finally, whosoever becomes angry for the sake of Allah, then Almighty Allah will defend him imperiously.

The hereafter is the commonly used term in modern English to describe the end of life in this world, and the beginning of a permanent existence thereafter.

They find no peace except in what they seek, and they fear nothing except what should concern them most. He will endue him with inner guidance beyond guidance, and He will open his inner sight basira and remove his blindness. They conduct their lives zrabic the dictates of the magnificent Qur’an. Everything other than Allah is false, ‘Uthman commented loudly: Even his glimpses and glances or whatever he gazes upon is recorded — even should he be looking – 30 – The Beauty of The Righteous hllyatul the droppings of a bird, or beautifying his eyelids with kohl.


Abu Nu`aym

The poet looked towards Ibn Maz’iin in surprised, he pondered for a moment before he continued: They are like a saddle that carries the rider, and they are the minarets of the land, the light in the darkness, the substance of mercy and compassion, the prime arsbic wisdom, and the backbone of the believers. At that time he only had one daughter. He hilyztul renounced the comforts of this world, and dedicated all his entire wealth to serve God’s message.

At night, when they arrived, they could not find his aravic. I am stingy, so please make me generous. They love to speak of Him, and to constantly invoke His remembrance. Hilywtul they are inspired to be grateful for Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Asfiya it, then it will be well deserved, otherwise, they become subject to His reprimand and they will engulf themselves in ongoing trials and tribulations. People gathered regularly around Mus ab an they hearkened to his teachings and recitation of the Holy Qur an until nearly every house in Madina had someone who embraced Islam at his hand.

They – 15 – Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Alfiya intensify their struggle when calm entices others to slow down, and they are mindful of the unexpected surprises of the hour.

They will be set apart from His blessed ones and His deputies, and they will be bound to hell. They are protected hilyattul looking at this abject world with arrogance, and they observe the work of their Beloved with contemplation and heedfulness. Surely, the comfort of this life will not last, and no one is secure from its bereavements.

Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download | lanberofounbo

Pursuing the prophetic example, the adherents to the path of inner traditions, sometime use allegories isharat to describe a phenomenon, though at other times they may depict the nature of sainthood, or viceregency wilaya as a blessing which is conferred upon one who lives by the dictates of the divine command revealed in the magnificent Qur’an, and who emulates the sunna traditions of God’s messenger 46 upon whom be peace.

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The Beauty of The Righteous him, and Abu Bakr was somehow hungry, and he hastened and took a bite from it. What happened to you tonight, you did not ask?

When Abu Bakr learned about what his daughter did, awlliya commented: On the other hand, if one simply strives to merely comply with what God Almighty has ordained, though incorrectly and without the needed luck, or without having true reason to guide him to do what is good, and to dissuade him from pursuing what God Almighty has forbidden. They liberate themselves by making sincere offerings and true sacrifices. As soon as they handed him a cup to drink from, Abu Bakr gilyatul at it and recognized what it is, he immediately wept.

Their fear renders their sincerity true and helps them to renounce what will eventually leave for the sake of what will certainly come. Ibn Omar then said: In fact, by the grace of Allah, our predecessors on this path have published famous studies in this field, and through their efforts, God Almighty revived the names and works of several spiritual masters at whose hands many seekers discovered arabci spiritual comfort.

He loved Allah and His Messenger tgj, and he defended His message with his heart, soul, and body. On the other hand, the good deeds of the unlucky ones are worthless and they will weigh nothing on the Day of Reckoning, and that is because they follow naught but conjecture and falsehood in this world, and therefore, it will be just and equitable for the balance on the Day of Judgment to compute their deeds as inconsequential.

Ward off your old sins by replacing them with new worthy deeds. They look at the people who love this aeliya – 10 – The Beauty of The Righteous and see them as dead and toiling in-between one calamity after another.