Johann Nepomuk Hummel wrote his Concerto a Trombe Principale for Viennese trumpet The piece is often performed in E-flat major, which makes the fingering less difficult on modern E-flat and B-flat trumpets. Duration is 17 minutes. Johann Nepomuk Hummel. Trumpet Concerto in E or E flat major, WoO 1, S. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Trumpet Concerto In e Flat Major Camerata de Versailles By Johann Nepomuk Hummel – Guy Touvron, Camerata de Versailles.

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Haydn, Hummel, David, Wagenseil: The second of six Marsalis boys, he grew up hanging trumoet New Orleans jazz clubs where his father was playing. Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Concerto in E flat; Haydn: Haydn, Hummel, Mozart, Telemann, Hertel.

Trumpet Concerto in E or E flat… | Details | AllMusic

In the famed Viennese trumpeter Anton Weidinger requested from Johann Nepomuk Hummel a new concerto for his keyed trumpet, a recently developed instrument that allowed the player to produce far more chromatic notes than had previously been possible.

Wynton Marsalis with National Philharmonic Orchestra. The Wynton Marsalis Collection. Comp Date December 8, AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.


Bill King Cover design: The Ultimate Trumpet Collection.

Trumpet Concerto in Eb (Bb/Eb trumpet edition)

Masters of the Trumpet. Haydn began his association with the princely Esterhazy family in and continued in their employ until his retirement in Trumpet of the Century.

Franz Joseph Haydn composed his only concerto for trumpet in flatt One minute he sounded like Dizzy Gillespie, unleashing torrents of sixteenth notes at blinding speed.

Tomasi, Hummel, Harut’unyan and others. He has just formed his own five-man group, which includes his talented older brother, Branford, 21, on saxophone.

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Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Concertos for Keyed Trumpet. The World of the Trumpet. The concerto opens with a celebratory Allegro con spirito that is notable for a few unusual modulations, likely jn to show off the instrument’s expanded capabilities. Moreover, it was Haydn who seven years earlier had written the first concerto for Weidinger’s keyed instrument. The Essential Wynton Marsalis. Famous Classical Trumpet Concertos.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Haydn, Hummel, Neruda, Kreutzer, Millares. Art of the Trumpet.

The most memorable appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was the most unexpected—a skinny kid with glasses and a trumpet who ambled onstage one day during the mid-afternoon lull, hiked up his horn and blew the top off the jazz tent. Haydn, Hummel, Vivaldi, Telemann, Torelli: On the Classical Side.


Trumpet Concerto (Hummel)

A plaintive Andante follows, and the work concludes with a sprightly Allegro that includes much brilliant writing for the soloist. For mountain climbers, the Himalayas; for classical trumpet players, the Haydn, Hummel, and L. Not only is the soloist given a thorough workout, but the orchestral support is similarly spirited; the writing for the woodwinds is particularly effective.

Allegro con spirito 9: The next he throttled down into the middle register in an imitation of Miles Davis cool: Master Works for Trumpet. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Henrietta Condak Cover photo: Trupet the end, Hummel’s work proved equally as successful as Haydn ‘s, and Weidinger subsequently played it throughout Europe.

Trumpet Concerto (Hummel) – Wikipedia

Concert in D major. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Haydn, Hummel, Hertel, Stamitz: Happy Birthday Guy Touvron.