Invalid dialing command Unknown problem Carrier established, . Unspecified Image format error Image conversion error DTE to . Protocol failure: %s waiting for go-ahead message Message block not. Document transfer failed: Unknown format PDF. [[email protected] My client is running hylafax and my server is running hylafax That may be the. sendfax submits one or more facsimile transmission requests to a HylaFAX Support for other file formats can be easily added through an extensible file typing.

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Can not lock modem device SendTime The time to send jobs. By default, sendfax schedules facsimile for immediate delivery. Can not determine file type. Document was encoded with 2DMR, but client does not support this data format Priority The scheduling priority to assign to each job. Host The host to contact for service.

Re: [hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem

If a job’s priority is greater than bulk umknown then the job’s priority is raised numerically lowered for each failed attempt to transmit so that retransmit attempts are done ahead of newly submitted jobs.

PPM received with no image data. Unable to send password modem command failed Too many attempts to dial No response to EOP repeated 3 times No response to EOP repeated 3 tries AutoCoverPage Control whether or not a cover page is automatically generated for each job.

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Alphabetic characters are automatically mapped to their numeric key equivalents: Modem does not support negotiated min scanline time MinSpeed The minimum acceptable signalling rate to use when transmitting facsimile. For each job that is queued, sendfax prints a job identifier and a job group identifier on the standard output. TSI The sender identification to use when transmitting facsimile. DialRules The name of the file containing the dialstring processing rules to when preparing an externally visible representation of the dialstring e.

Receiver flow control exceeded timer. Whether or not they are stripped from the string used to dial the destination fax machine is dependent on the dialstring rules configured for use on the server; c. Thus if an odd-size facsimile is submitted for transmission it may not be possible to determine if it can be sent until the fax server establishes communication with the remote facsimile 054.

HylaFAX Status Codes

A destination is the dialing string to use to contact the remote fax machine. Modem is configured as exempt from accepting jobs A try is a call in which carrier is established and the facsimile protocol is commenced; this is contrasted with a call attempt that might have failed because the line was busy. DCS sent 3 times without response Command or signal 10 sec.

ECM page received containing no image data. By default Hyla FAX will use the fastest possible rate supported by the transmitting modem and receiving facsimile device. Busy signal detected If no modem is specified, the job will be submitted to any available modem.

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Re: [hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem

Unable to establish message carrier If no files are supplied on the command line, sendfax will read data from the standard input unless polling is requested. This may indicate that the Hyla FAX software was incorrectly installed; or perhaps that an NFS -mounted directory is temporarily unavailable. Cannot synchronize ECM frame reception. Cover-Location The to-company location string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.

Job contains no documents Paging central responded with forced disconnect Remote cannot be polled If a poll request is made together with document transmission, the poll operation is done after the documents are transmitted. Equivalent to the -f option.

Note that polling requests do not receive a cover page unless they are hyllafax with the transmission of one or more files. Too many pages in submission: RetryTime The time to delay between job retries due to a communication failure.

Procedure interrupt operator intervention