Mackie begins the article by saying that he thinks that all the arguments for God’s “God is omnipotent; God is wholly good; and yet evil exists. (12) If evil and suffering exist, then God is either not omnipotent, not omniscient, .. such as Anthony Flew and J. L. Mackie have argued that an omnipotent God. IV.—EVIL AND OMNIPOTENCE. By J. L. MACKIE. THE traditional arguments for the existence of God have been fairly thoroughly criticised by philosophers.

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According to Plantinga’s description of morally significant free will, it does not seem that God would be significantly free.

The Argument from Evil in Philosophy of Religion. Thinks that existence of 2 nd order evil is the weakness in this argument.

Terrific blog and fantastic design and style. Omnipotence, Evil and Supermen. This is the “logical problem of evil. No amount of moral or natural evil, of course, can guarantee that a man will [place his faith in God] Evkl this kind of situation really possible?

Moreover, when they do wrong, they can be rightly blamed or punished for their actions. Your first reaction to this news might be one of horror. If you can show that x is merely possible, you will have refuted A pit bull attacks a two-year-old child, angrily ripping his flesh and killing him.

Evil is due to human free will not God.

And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every omnipotene plant for food. References Clark, Kelly James.

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Logical Problem of Evil

Granting Plantinga’s assumption that human beings are genuinely free creatures, the first thing to notice about W 2 is that you and I would not exist in such a world. He suggests the following as a possible morally sufficient reason:. They will be yours for food. Since evil and suffering obviously do exist, we get: Or say God has 2 and uses it to assign independent powers to act to certain things, so that thereafter God did not have omnipotence 1.

W 2then, is also possible. Similarly, the people in the possible world under consideration have no choice about being good.

Don’t have an account? Putting the point more bluntly, this line of argument suggests that—in light of the evil and suffering we find in our world—if God exists, he is either impotent, ignorant or wicked.

J. L. Mackie, Evil and omnipotence – PhilPapers

Sign In or Create an Account. The problem is that he can’t do anything about it because he’s not omnipotent. So, if it is plausible to think that Plantinga’s Free Will Defense solves the logical problem of evil as it pertains to moral evil, the current suggestion is that it is plausible also to think that it solves the logical problem of evil as it pertains to natural evil because all of the worlds evils have their source in moral evil.

On Being a Christiantrans. Problems with the Free Will Defense A. According to orthodox theism, all of the following statements and many more like them are true. Responding to this formulation of the problem requires much more than simply describing a logically possible scenario in which God and evil co-exist.


Logical Problem of Evil | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

They are fully free and amckie for their actions and decisions. If God can make a rock so big that he can’t lift it, exactly how big would that rock be? If W 3 is possible, then the complaint lodged by Flew and Mackie above that God could and therefore should have created a world full of creatures who always did what is right is not answered.

Why, then, did God give them free will? Even if every quality must have a real opposite, this provides no solution to problem of evil, unless one is willing to say, there macckie just enough evil to serve as a counterpart to good.

Article PDF first page preview. Plantinga’s Free Will Defense has been the most famous theistic response to the logical problem of evil because he did more to clarify the issues surrounding the logical problem than anyone else. Plantinga, however, thinks makie his Free Will Defense can be used to solve the logical problem of evil as it pertains to natural evil. God, Freedom, and Evil. The fact that MSR2 may be implausible does not keep it from being possible.

It would be eevil thing if the only people who suffered debilitating diseases or tragic losses were the likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Osama Bin Laden.