The El Manzala region lies in the Dakhalia governorate and has been named after Lake Manzala. The Manzala town has bumpy and narrow streets and no. Introduction. Manzala Lake (Fig. 1) is the largest coastal lake in. Egypt which is a shallow brackish lake extending between the Damietta Nile River branch and. PDF | Lake Manzala is the biggest coastal lake in Egypt and the target of many different studies dated back probably to By screening the.

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Manzala Travel Guide

A major part of the city was built on Lake Manzala. Routine program for manzalx the concentrations and distribution of arsenic, selenium and tin in the lake water, fish, sediments and aqueous organisms should be imposed.

Manzala Lake is existed in the North Eastern border of the Nile delta. Geological and Environmental Aspect of Coastal Region, pp: The accumulation of organic tin compounds exposure lay in the top layer of the water. It link with Suez Canal through a navigation aqueduct known as El-kabooty Canal Gene-environment interactions in heavy metal and pesticide carcinogenesis.

la,e Triethyltin is the most dangerous organic tin substance for humans. Arsenic in the soil environment: Food and breathing through the skin considered as the main way for humans absorption tin.

There is evidence selenium can accumulate in the body tissues of organisms and can then be passed up through the food chain, when animals eat a plants which irrigated by a high concentrations of selenium content.


From low pollution from medium pollution-greater than 50 of high pollution. They are known to cause a great degree of harm to aquatic ecosystems, as they are very toxic to fungus, algae and phytoplankton which is a very important relate with the aquatic ecosystem, where it supply water organisms with oxygen.

Geochemical studies on recent sediments of Manzala Lake, Egypt. Table 3 amnzala the standards for these pollution indicators. Thesis, Cairo University, Egypt. Generally, the distribution of heavy metals in Manzala Lake revealed that the industrial districts represented by Port Said and Damietta Governorates, agricultural drains represented by El-Serw, Hadous and Bahr El-Baqar drains beside the fisheries activity considered the main pollution sources.

Lake Manzala | lake, Egypt |

Comparing with the agency for toxic substances and disease registry, which setup the sediment quality guidelines in the form of level of probable effects, the studied sediments seem to be polluted at high levels.

How to cite this article: Selenium supplementation, baseline plasma selenium status and incidence of prostate cancer: An analysis of the complete treatment period of the nutritional prevention of cancer trial.

Tin, Tin Alloys and Tin Compounds. In the present study, arsenic content ranges from 4.

The health effects of selenium have been the objective of Hu et al. The second industrial pollution sources derived from the areas of activity in Damietta Governorate West side of the lake is petrochemical, oil services, gas liquefaction, medical supplies, a collection of computers and electronic appliances, textile and garment, food, activity maritime transport, marine services, refrigerators for keeping food intended for export outside the country, furniture and wood products industry, processing and sorting of grains.


The EF is computed using the following relationship:.

Rapid rates, possible causes and consequences. Port Said is a very important link between the sea route connecting east and west. According to the agency for toxic substances and disease registry, a high level is 60 parts of arsenic per billion. Lake Manzala served as a significant source of inexpensive fish for human consumption in Egypt, but pollution and manzaal drainage have reduced the lake’s manzaal.

The fish that comprise considerable levels of inorganic arsenic possibly jeopardy to human health.

Manzala Travel Guide

Environmental interpretation of sand grain surface texture in the Rosseta and Damietta promontories along the Nile Delta cost, Egypt. Manzala town has bumpy and narrow streets with no buildings to boast of. Arsenic content predominantly derived from geological sources and its consumption can cause chronic health. Agricultural products and particularly textiles were exported through this important port throughout the Middle East.

Said Pasha established Port Said in to serve as a working camp for workers constructing the Suez Canal. Index of geoaccumulation in sediments of the Rhine river. Where 1 g powder of dried sample is weighed into teflon crucible and digested by using mixture from HNO 3HClO 4 and HFafter near dryness the residue was dissolved with HCl and diluted to mL with distilled water.

Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, Marshall, C. About mg from arsenic oxide consider as A deadly dosage.