lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi lyrics in telugu available for free PDF download. You might find Epub Books lalitha sahasranamam phala. Phala Sruthi MP3 Song by Yamini Sisters from the Sanskrit movie Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. Download Phala Sruthi song on and listen Sri Lalitha. Listen to the Phala Sruthi song by Yamini Sisters from the movie Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. Download the Phala Sruthi song online at.

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Manthra raja japaschaiva chakra rajarchanam thadha, Rahasya nama patascha naalpayasya thapas phalam. Lalitha Sahasranama Phala Sruthi [The effect of reciting the thousand names of Sahasrranamam [Unlike Vishnu sahasranama, where the phala sruthi is the part of the stotra, in the case of Laitha Sahasranama, phala sruthi is the next chapter and separate from it.

Lalitha Sahasranama – Phala Sruthi

Naanena sadhrusham sthothram Bhoga moksha pradham mune, Keethaneeyamidham thasmad bhoga mokshadhibhir narai, Please recite these with devotion, Oh sage Agasthya, And the goddess will be pleased and fulfill your wishes. In the fifteenth street live the Ashta Digh palakas. It is a cure for all types of fever, and gives rise to long life, It gives son that too first son and gives three types of wealth.

In the Sri Chakra are the following decorations viz. Brahma sends Narad to Valmiki. Paramashiva woke up and opened his third eye and burnt the God of love into ashes. The army of the king who attacks the one who reads thousand names, As an enemy would be immediately destroyed by Dandinee herself. Meditating on Goddess Lakshmi and goddess Lalithambika, If the thousand names are read, effect of poison will vanish. He started troubling the devas.

Rahasya nama sahasram ya keerthyathi nithyasa, Than mukhaloka mathrena muhye loka thrayam mune. Charame janmani yadha Sri vidhyaupasako bhaveth, Nama sahasra padascha thadha charama janmani. Daksha and Paramashiva were not getting on well and consequently he did not invite Paramashiva for one of the great fire sacrifices that he conducted.

Yo vabhicharam kuruthe nama sahasra padake, Nivarthya thath kriyaam hanyatham vai prathyangira swayam.

Lalitha Sahasranama – Phala Sruthi

They are made of iron, steel, copper, lead, alloy made of five metals, silver, gold, the white Pushpa raga stone, the red Padmaraga stone. So it is not recited along with the thousand names of Lalitha. Oh, Sage born out of the pot, please hear the results, Of reading these in the middle of life by devotees.


So to wake Shiva from his deep meditation the devas deputed Manmatha, the God of love who shot his flower arrows at Paramashiva.

This cures all diseases and gives rise to all types of wealth, It cures all accidental deaths and is an antidote to untimely death. Wherever he hides would be killed by The Kshethra pala. For blessing with a son,for the lady who does not conceive, Chant the thousand names and offer butter to the God, By this she will be blessed with a son soon. He who argues with the learned man, who reads the thousand names, Would be made dumb immediately by Nakuleshwari.

Meditate I do, On her who sits on a lotus, Sahasranamamm her who has a smiling face, On her who has long eyes like the lotus leaf, On her who glitters like gold, On her who wears red cloths, On her who has a golden lotus in her hand, On her who grants all desires, On her who is dressed with perfection, On her who gives protection, On her who has soft heart to her devotees, On her who is Sri vidyaOn her who is forever peaceful, On her who is worshipped by gods, And on her who gives all wealth.

Allitha devotee who worships her on mahanavami day, On the Sri Chakra sahasranqmam these thousand names, Would certainly attain salvation. Akeerthayennidham sthothram kadham bhaktho bhavishyathi. Those who are desirous of getting rid of their sins, If they hate to chant the thousand names, It is like going too Himalayas to get rid of cold.

He shows Ram the letter Sita left him and tells Ram that he is proud to have a daughter like Sita. Dhanam yo harathe chorair nama sahasra japeen, Yathra kuthra sthiram vaapi Kshethra palo nihanthi thaam.

For getting rid of diseases touch holy ash and chant the thousand names, And by wearing that ash all diseases would immediately be cured. Srividyam santhamuthim sakala suranutham sarva sampat pradhatrim. Would be killed by arrows by Sharabheswara. But for the advice given to me by Goddess Lalitha to tell you these.

At the end you would get salvation under Lalitha, which is difficult to obtain, And get all benefits of praying Gods like Shiva without any doubt. Na vidhyaavedhinebrooya nnama bhakthaya kadachana. Bahunathra kimukthena srunu thwam kalasi sutha, Aathraika namne yaa shakthi pathakaanaam nivarthathe, Thannivarthya magham karthum naalam loka schadurdasa.


Nishkama keerthayedhyasthu nama Sahasramuthamam, Brahma jnana mavapnothi yena muchyathe bandanath. Nama sahasram khaditham they ghatothbhava, Rahasyaanam rahasyam cha Lalitha preethi dayakam, Aanena sadrusam stotram na bhootham na bhavishyathi. Pratha snathwa vidhathena sandhya karma samapya cha, Pooja gruhe thatho gathwa chakra rajam samarchayeth 5 Take bath in the morning, finish the oblations of the dawn, Go to the prayer room and first worship the Sree Chakra. He who reads these thousand names daily for six months with devotion.

Even if one name among the thousand secret names is read, All the sins committed by him would be destroyed without doubt.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, rsuthi here: Jasmine buds and Kesara flowers, And other scented flowers like lots, Kethaki Madavee Mukha, Sa vethi Lalitha devi saw chakrarchanajam phalam, AAnye kadham vijaaneeyur Brahmadhyaa swalpa medhasa. Storing the water in a pot, and chanting the thousand names, oh sage, And anointing oneself with that water would remove all problems sruthu by planets.

Vishnu nama paraa kechith Shiva nama paraa pare, Na kaschid aapi lokeshu Lalitha nama thathpara. He who chants these thousand names, Without any desires or attachments, Would get the knowledge of Brhamam, And would be released from the bonds of life.

Yenanya devathaa nama keerthitham Janama kotishu, Thasyaiva bhavathi sradhaa Sri devi nama keerthane.

Phala Sruthi Song – Download Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam Song Online Only on JioSaavn

Rajakarshana kaamasche drajavasadha ding mukha, 28 Trirathram cha padeth ethad, sridevi dhyana thathpara, Sa raja paravasyena thurangam vaa matham gajam. The enemies of the devotee who reads these thousand names. The learned in Vedas, if they do not recite these names at least once, The Sri Vidhya would be kept secret from them, Oh sage. Samarchayed sada bhakthya thasya thushyathi Sundari, Phaa kimukthena srunu thwam Kmbha sambhava. Sa yeva lalitha roopa sthad roopa lalitha swayam, Na thayo vidhyathe bhedho bedha ckruth papakruth bhavedh.

Shiva nama sahasraischa devyaa namaikamuthamam, Devi Nama sahasraani kotisa santhi Kumbhaja. Forsaking sahazranamam thousand names and trying to get occult powers, Is like satiating hunger after forsaking all meals.