CMOS 2.0MP USB Electronic Eyepiece Microscope Camera Mounting Size 23.2mm with Ring Adapters 30mm 30.5mm 0.5X/0.35X/2X/1X/0.75X Barlow Auxiliary Objective Glass Lens 42mm For 10A 300X 180X 200X C-MOUNT Video SZMN 7-45X Simul-focal Trinocular Stereo Head Continuous Zoom WF10X/20 1.0X CTV AmScope 60X Achromatic for Compound A60X-V300 64X-2400X Monocular Optical Elementary School Science Experimental Biology Teaching Children Birthday Gift 6000X-15000X Biological HD Digital LED Lab Wide-Field 10X and 50X Eyepieces HAYEAR Portable Aluminum Alloy Arm Stand Holder Bracket Mini Foothold Table Frame Repair Soldering 13MP 1080P 60FPS HDMI VGA 100X 130X C Mount 56 Light Phone Tools AOMEKIE 70X-400X Bottom Lamp Slides Specimen Cells Watching Student Education Kid 0.5X 0.7X 2.0X Objects Big Heavy Duty Adjustable Boom Large 50mm Industry 48MP C-mount Industrial Microscopio Recorder Handheld 200X-240X UV Loupe Magnifier Wide Angle Jewelry Andonstar A1 500X 2MP Endoscope Eight led handheld Software Testing Mobile 30X Telescope Lights phone samsung xiaomi phone6 7 8 SONY IMX307 U Disk TF Card Storage Tool Kit SS-033C 2 In 1 Round Oil Smoke Proof Mirror BGA Flexible Diamond Setting Acrobat 0.3X/0.5X/0.7X/0.75X/1X/1.5X/2X 1-7/8 48mm Thread Binocular 144 Durable Illuminator AC 100~240V 38*26CM Metal Base Plate Working Worktable Diameter 25mm Rod Bar Pillar 76mm Microscopes Focusing 500x/1000x/1600x Magnification LEDs Ruler Mac/Window/Linux 6W 6500K Dual Gooseneck Spot Fill G1000 Electron high definition 4.3 Inch LCD Display 8MP 1-1000X Amplification 1000X digital microscope high-definition WiFi smart camera video PCB welding Slideshow viewing etc Exhaust Fan Pumping Tube Effective Remove Rosin Welding Gas Fume extractor operate Autofocus SENSOR IMX290 Auto Focus Support C-Mount Standard Adapter CCD 0 - 100% Power 0.35X focus New Type of Set mount Illuminated 45X Magnifying With Drawer-type Lupa FCL9EX-N 9W circle fluorescent ring lamp,FCL 9EX-N 4 pins bulb,220V 230V 240V,fisher magnifier AD407 270X High-Definition Screen pcs /set dissector dissecting tool set / kit Stainless steel specimen making parts & accessories Spectacle Head-mounted Illuminating Glasses 15X 20X 25X Pocket DIY Watch 1X Protection Prevent Soot 120X MOUNT 0.75X eyepiece reduction lens Manually focusable AMA075 eyepeice tube to 3 types rings 50PCS Clear Transparent Blank 100PCS Square Cover Slips Coverslips NDPL 2X SLR T2 Canon Nikon EOS Universal Instrument Macro Micro Clip Single Crystal Silicon Wafer SEM Scanning XRD Diffraction Oxidation Coated Small PC Mechanical Iris Aperture 1-12mm Diaphragm Module Accessories ORLTL Common Rail Injectors Injector Valve Shim Mega Pixels 1600X Tweezers imx323 HDMI+WIFI color Full XCAM1080PHE Sony IMX249 1/1.2inch 30fps Global Shutter RELIFE M-23 Dust Mirrors Protective Used To Protect The 50- 500x white usb electronic 200 1-hand-held endoscope Agnicy Wide-angle WF5X WF10X WF16X WF20X WF25X Interface Field View 30x Photography обьектив для телескопа zoom para celular Wifi 8LEDs Computer 100pcs Wooden Box Pathological Case MECHANIC R75T-B1 flex arm clamping stand/stereo articulating table clamp Long Object Distance 60-100X Cell Gem Standalone Recording HC210.