Taiwan MEAN WELL Apv-8 8W Single Output switching Power Supply 5V 12V 24V Constant Voltage Meanwell Driver for LED Lighting LRS-35 SMPS 85-264VAC 35W 5V/7A 12V/3A 15V/2.4A 24V/1.5A 36V1A 48V/0.8A single output low profile 30mm Mean Well LRS-350-12 meanwell 12V/29A/350W DC Switching online store LRS-350-36 36V/9.7A/349W Original MeanWell Switch Waterproof IP67 dimmable 480W HLG-480H-48B LRS-350 24V/15A 350W For Light Strip Display 220V110V Adapter CREALITY 3D Printer Sell Office Supplies Desktop File Storage Box Plastic Drawer Type Cabinet Shelf Multilayer ELP-75-15 Industrial PCB type 15V/5A/75W with PFC Function RS-150-5 130W/26A/5V NES-15-48 15W 48V 0.35A NES-15 CE UL ELG-200-48B 200W 4.16A driver ELG-200 B SCP-50-12 13.8V 3.6A 49.7W temperature compensation security power supply battery backup system SCP-50 HRP-300-36 36V/9A/324W RSP-320-4 4VDC/60A/240W ENP-360 Green Charger 360W Level VI 26A 27.6V 13A 55.2V 6.5A QP-200-3A 5V/3.3V/12V/-5V Quad EPS-35-7.5 7.5V 4.7A 35.25W green open frame EPS-35 HDR-100-48 85-264V AC TO 1.92A 92.2W DIN Rail HDR-100 Solid MEANWELL RT-125D 5V/24V/ 125W TripLe high efficiency long life and reliability EPS-65-7.5-C 8A 60W enclosed EPS-65 cover RSP-75W switch 3.3/5/7.5/12/13.5 volt function 15V 27V 48VDC 75W led HLG-185H-42A 185W 4.4A 42V adjustable IP65 waterproof RS-25-12 AC/DC 25.2W/2.1A/12V NES-200-24 to 7.8A well NES-200 constant current HLG-185H-C1400A 71~143V 1400mA A EPP-200-15 13.4A 201W High Efficiency Open Frame Bare board Unit DRT-480-48 10A Three Phase RAIL UHP-350R-48 48V/7.3A Fanless design Slim RS-100 Series 100W 12/24VDC UHP-200R-24 24V/8.4A 201.6W Supper UHP-750-12 110V/220V 60A 720W Design With lights strip indoor voltage transformer household 12 light HLG-150H-48A 150W 3.2A MDR-100-24 4A 96W HDR-15-12 1.25A Ultra Step Shape NDR-120 series 120W SE-1000 1000W 5V/9V/12V/15V/24/48V RT-65B 65W -12V 64.6W Triple New lighting 110V 220V adapter RPS-160 Medical 160W 5V/30A 12V/12.9A 10.3A 3.25A HRP-75 36V LPF-40-54 41.04W 0.76A 54V free shipping new mean ac 3.3V 20A LRS-100-3.3/5/12/15/24/36/48 NES-150-24 MW 156W24V6.5A Control Monitor AC-DC Elg-100-24a Led 100w 24v/4a Ip65 Ac-dc Io And Vo Adjustable DPS-500WB-1 G28822-003 450W working DPS-1500AB 1500W AC100V-240V DC24V 5A Transformer Equipment Aluminum Housing UPS uninterruptible EMC CX4 078-000-050 100-809-008 2200VA/2200W tested RSP-3000-24 125A RSP-3000 3000W original HBG-160-36 HBG-160 158.4W 300W ELGC-300-H-AB Current 29~56V 5600mA RS-15-3.3 RS-15 9.9W HBG-160-48 3.3A SN-48B Crimping Tool 500pcs Tab 2.8/4.8/6.3mm Terminals Sets Crimper Plier 1000PcsInsulated Male Female Wire Connector Kit 1200Pcs wire connector electrical terminals cable,pre-insulated sleeve crimping tube terminal multi-function stripper crimp HS-D1 cutter automatic multi-functional peeling tools Terminal pliers 0.2-6.0mm2 tool Tinned Copper 2AWG 4AWG 6AWG 7AWG 8AWG Soft Silicone Cord 12/16/25/35square Battery Line silicone 1 1068 Pcs 1/1.5/1.8/2.2/2.8/3.5 MM Auto Pin Removal VW Tyco AMP Boschs FCI Deutsch 60pcs/30pcs/10pcs/set Block Blocks Reusable Electric Cable Home Tools of Insulating Solder Set.