Type-C 65W 45W Power Supply Adapter For Lenovo 14 15 13S 14S X13 X14 E14 E15 T14 T15 T14S X1 L13 L14 S3 S2 YOGA Notebook Charger ThinkPad 2021 Laptop US Backlight Backlit Keyboard SN20Z77278 Thinkpad Yoga 2nd 3rd Gen Touchpad Click Pad Mouse Board Cable Brand New Original SC10M90416 450.0A906.0011 SC10A39882BD 5C10Y97178 L390 L380 Carbon Ethernet RJ45 Extension Vinyl Skin Stickers for X220/X220T/X230/X250/X260/X270 Super Slim Anti-Scratch Protective Film Capa Para U260 K27 X230 X220 X220i X220T X201T laptop LED LCD screen display 12.5 IPS LP125WH2-SLT1 LP125WH2-SLB3 LP125WH2-SLB1 Origina Portuguesel X230i X230T T430 T430i T430S T530 T530i W530 04X1375 Genuine CPU Cooling Fan w/ Heatsink FRU 04W6922 04W6921 04W6923 04W3729 Applicable to lenovo thinkpad with Fingerprint Hole and 00HT288 04W3725 04X4613 Panel Palmrest Cover SK Slovak 04X1264 2.0 USB Jack IBM X220I X230I Female Port NOKOTION Motherboard I5-3320M DDR3 With fan 04X4501 04X1401 04W3712 04W6686 I7-3520M UMA motherboard 100% tested ok 04X4513 04W3716 04X1409 04W6694 010HM364 63Wh Battery X220S 45N1023 45N1022 45N1019 42T4901 0A36307 45N1029 45N1028 X230S LB7 Series ApexWay 11.1V 45N1025 series 45N1024 45N1020 45N1021 Free Shipping!!Original Y50-70 A-shell/B-shell/C-shell/D-shell/keyboard/touchpad/shell Shell Back Rear Touch Display Top Lid 5CB0F78846 AM14R000300 COVER Y50 Y50-70A Y50-70AM Y50-70AS Y50-80 Y50P-70 Y50P-80 AM14R000530 15.6 Bottom Casing Case Base Bezel 5CB0F78866 AP14R000A00 GPU Cooler 2019 Legion Y530 Y540P Y545 Y7000P-2019 GTX1650Ti HD 5B20G57047 Ideapad ZIVY2 LA-B111P SR1PX I7-4710HQ HM87 860M 2GB Tested 70 Digitizer Screen Front Glass scratches Huiyuan Fit 20V 8.5A W520 adapter 20V8.5A W540 W541 p50 Radiator Y70-70 FAN HEATSINK AT14S0010C0 5H40G59806 original 700-15ISK-17 usb audio board Y700-15ISK y700-17 NS-A543 17.3 LP173WF4-SPF1 5D10J35750 LTN173HL01 Y700-17 Y700-17ISK Y900-17 Matrix Assembly Y700 BY511 NM-A541 SR2FQ I7-6700HQ GTX960M fully KEFU LA-C951P Y700-14ISK Y700-14 R9 M375 DDR4 2017 14 QHD 2560*1440 Laptops 01LV978 01AY913 01AX897 FRU:5B20M55518 AIPY6 ideapad i7-6700HQ 4G GDDR3 GMA HD530 BY510 NM-A521 Y700-15ACZ notebook FX-8800P M385 test work N16S-GT-B-A2 LOL SKL MB 15221-1 448.06R01.0011 AIO 700-22ISH All-in-One BBA10 2D Camera Wire 00PC990 DC020028300 13.3 UHD 4K LP133UD1-SPA1 B133ZAN02.3 730 13ikb Frame 3840×2160 MIIX510/520 book 2 C930 ThinkBook Plus Bluetooth-compatible stylus 4096 pressure sensing Yogabook Book Book2 YB-J912F YB-J912L 10.8 E Ink Touchscreen Share: 0 Active Stylus Pen Capacitive Tab 3 4 8 10 Pro M10 P10 P8 E7 E8 E10 10.1 Ta Tablet Stand Metal stent Support A12 bracket Desktop stand cabinet Aluminium YB1-X90 Latin YB1-X90L YB1-X90F YB1-X91L X91F C740 Inch PU Leather Folio Hard S740 yt3-x90 YT3-X90L YT3-X90F YT3-X90X ZA0G tablet Parts 2020 L15D1P31 X90 4000mAh High Quality Replacement Batterie + Tools Repair You Life YT3 X90F lcd touch together Years Battery+free tools New/orig Upper Spain 500-14IBD ISK IHW Flex 3-1470 C 5CB0J34008 CSMHY L12M4P21 13 121500156 2ICP5/57/128-2 L13S4P21 2CP5/57/123-2 7.4V 7300mA 7.68V 60Wh L17M4PH3 L17C4PH1 L17M4PH2 L17M4PH1 7 C930-13IKB 5B10Q82425 Pro-13IKB 7XINbox 7.6V 4610mAh 35Wh L15C2PB1 L15L2PB1 L15M2PB1 510 510-15IKB 510-15ISK 510-14AST 510-14IKB SP Spanish 530-14 530-14IKB 530-14ARR Gray NO inch B8000 B8000-H Model 60047 60046 Sensor parts Tab3 Batteries Bateria Kids Soft Silicon Shockproof Tab5 YT-X705 PC Smart 5 NEW 13.0 YT-K606F Ultra Silm Premium Anti-fall Cove+Gift 4-1435 1470 1480 14IKB 14ISK IdeaPad C340-15IIL C340-15IWL 720-15 IKB 330-15ich S340-14 14API Three Keys Silver Clicker P40 X380 370 460 260 01AY004 01LV587 00UR981.