For iphone 6S/7/7Plus meizu oneplus Nillkin Universal Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Charging Adapter Micro USB interface Lenovo G560 G570 G580 G770 K47G E46L 20V 3.25A Laptop Ac POWER SUPPLY Cord Free shipping Original 65W 4.0*1.7 charger FOR lenovo yoga 710s 510s 310s-14 AC adapter power supply adlx65clge2a 135W 6.75A for IdeaPad Y50 ADL135NDC3A 36200605 45N0361 45N0501 Y50-70-40 t540p 2A 40W Power Supply S9 S10 M9 M10 U260 U310 Typec 100W Elbow Magnetic Connect charging cable USB-C famale to male PD fast converter macbook ipad sunsumg Car Dc Thinkpad X200 X201 X220 X230 X300 X301 X300s 5V 2.1A Adapter/Supply 12V 3A Plug DC port 2.5MM and 5.5MM Our LCD LED controller board kit Genuine LENOVO 3000 T60 T61 X60 T400 Z61 X61 R61 7.9x5.5mm 2.25A 45W 100 100-14IBY 110-15 100S-14IBR 110 110s 120s 310 310s 320 330 ADLX65CLGU2A 5A10K78745 4.0mm*1.7mm ASUS Toshiba Acer Delta 19V 6.32A 120W Connector 5.5*2.5mm Notebook Chargers Gan Gallium Nitride Suitable Type-C 8.5A 170W ADL170SLC3A LEGION 5 T440P P50 P51 W541 Y920 Y7000P-1060 Female Converter Cable IBM ThinkPad PC 5.5 X 2.5mm Output Jack 4.74A 90W Asus Dell Hp Samsung 18.5V 19.5V 20Pcs Usb Doct Port TAB 4 X606F Plus TB-X606F TB-X606N X606M X606X M10plus 2pcs/lot New Yoga Tablet 2 1050 Dock Flex connector Phone Holder Motorcycle Support Telephone Moto Quad Lock IPHONE XIAOMI SAMSUNG VIVO NOKIA HONOR EU 3.42A 100-15 B50-10 YOGA 710 510-14ISK 1pc 20V2.25A USB-Type C Replacement 7.7A 150W PIN IdeaCentre A540 A740 A8150 Y7000 FSP150-RAB A7200 S4040 PA-1151-11VB 11VA A520 ADP-150NB 36200463 ac 12V-24V 96W Compatible HP Computer UK Battery 13 M490S U430p 45N0244 45N0245 0B47000 0B47001 4.5A X60s Series 1705 1706 1707 1708 1709 02K6750 40Y7672 PA-1121-28 ADP-120RH B N750 N53S FX50J N500 G50 FZ53V Fit MacBook XPS Laptops Accessories AIO C355 C455 C40 C50 E50 888015027 4x20e50558 ADL135NDC2A Essential B41-30 B41-35 45N0293 45N0294 0C19880 Helix N3Y4DUK N3Z6CGE 45N0290 45N0300 0B47045 ADLX65CCGC2A ADLX65CCGB2A ADL45WCG Model V450 V460 V460A V470 V470A V470C V470G V470CA V475 FTEWUM 6.15A C4030 5030 C560 C365 C3040 C360 S4005 S50 PA-1121-04 A61e M57 All-Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook Multi-type Notebooks G40-70/80/30/45 G500 G505 T440 X240S E431 E531 E360 S3 US B470 B570e B570 G470 Z500 V570 Z400 P500 Ser 1703 1704 2509 2501 2507 2508 2533 Chromebook 80QR B50-50 80S2 E41-10 80U5 E41-15 80U6 T410 T410S T510 Sl410 Sl410K Sl510 Sl510K T510I laptop 330-11IGM 510-14AST 510-14IKB N23 Z370 Z470 Z570 Y460 Y470 G480 Y450 U130 C510M C465A C467A Type C330 S330 C340 S340 100E 300E 500E T480 T480s T580 T580s E480 E580 Ideapad 310-151SK 510-151SK ADLX65CLGE2A 5A10K78752 Cords PA-1650-52LC 100-240v 50-60Hz 5.5mm*2.5mm Macbook Pro Xiaomi Air Huawei Matebook DELL Fast R704A R704VB S400CA S400E A6Je A6Jm A6K A6JC A6Ja 5.5mm 80UR N24 81AF N22-20 80VH N42-20 80VJ 80US 80VJ0003CF 80VJ0002US 45N0289 45N0292 0B47044 Sleeve Bag Case 11.6 500e 2nd Gen& 300e 100e Gen Cover C13 1 20UY 20UX FHD 1920x1080 Touch Screen Display Digitizer assembly BH5688A 5C50T95169 Audio Button Board with 300e-81H0 TESED OK Front Frame Bezel 11e (20GD 20GF) 4th (20HX 20J0) N/touch 01AW092 C630 motherboard SR3W0 i3-8130U FLIC7 LA-G741P 5B20S427641 mainboard enjoy shopping eDP 30Pin Slim N21 11E NEW 5H50T45066 Lcd Hinges Antenna Left Right.