Professional Lab Sperm Biological HD Binocular microscope Zoom 2000X TV With 7 LCD 5MP Electronic digital eyepiece 1X Microscope C-mount Adapter for CMOS CCD Camera Digital Eyepiece Relay Lens 0.5x WD165 Working Distance 160 mm Barlow Auxiliary Reduction Objective with Mounting Thread 42 Stereo TZM Body TV075 Monocular 1/1.8” Sensor C-Mount 4X lens 20.2mm and Aluminum Ring Mount RMS to M42 Use on 0.3X 0.5X 0.75X 1.5X 2X M48 AOMEKIE 20X/40X Above LED Lights PCB Solder Tool Mobile Phone Repair Mineral Watching Microscopio Chinese/English label Animals Insects Plants 11/25/50/91 pieces sample prepared glass slide school biological Metal 48mm For Trinocular Light Source Connector Protector Adaptor Plan Infinity 10X 20X 40X 60X 100X High Quality 195 Achromatic Parts 2Pcs Black Rubber Cover Guards Protection Shield 15.3mm M12 Video magnifying machine vision amplification 2 PCS WF10X Widefield Optical Wide Angle 23.2mm Size Ship from Spain 3.5X-90X Simul Focal Articulating Arm Clamp 38MP HDMI -Compatible USB Sugery Microscopic Medical Ophthalmic Instruments Titanium Eyelid Stretcher Surgery Open Sea Adjustable 6500K144 illuminator Lamp Industry Magnifier AC PowerAdapter Full 13MP 2K 1080P 60FPS VGA Simultaneous Output IC PC Observe 50mm Focusing Holder Boom Big Table Stand 180X 300X 200X 500 C Bracket Loupe Helmet Style Glass Magnifying Glasses Lupas Con Luz lights Reading or 1600X 8 Handheld Mini Endoscope Camcorder Micro Cam Multifunctional Glue Removal Platform Fingerprint Base iPhone 6/6P/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/A9/A10/A11/A12/A13 WiFi 1000X Android IOS Mac Display Plastic 0.7X-4.5X 2D 3D Inspection Industrial DIA 22mm Metala Lengthen Rod Extension Bar Pillar 10M Large 34mm Diameter Eyeguards Eye Shields MUSTOOL MT315 7inch Dual Lenses Electronics Soldering Laboratory Cell Portable Interface Dimmable Electron Microscopes LEDs Andonstar V160 500X Support Measuring Software WIFI Optional Magnification FYSCOPE 1PC Lab195N Semi 160/0.17 G1200 12MP Inch 1-1200X Continuous Amplification G1000 4.3 8MP 60F/S 56 Integrated Small X=10 Scale Ruler Micrometer DIV 0.1 Horizontal 100 Graticule Calibration Ocular 40X-1000X Student 2.0MP w/ Top/Bottom Illuminated pcs Prepared Slides 130X 0.7X~4.5X 25mm 110V 220V 970 Stage Multifunction Differentiation Plate Slide Supereyes B011 18MP TF Card Moun + 30mm 30.5m FHD WD100 Continuously Variable 0.7X-5X Olympus Biomicroscope System HDMI-Compatible Outputs Camera+8X -130X Kit 1.5-37mm Aperture Iris Diaphragm Laser Condenser Accessory 14 Blades 4K 48MP 144 974.T One-Axis 0.1mm X a Huvitz HS-5000 HS-5500 HS-7000 HS-7500 slit lamp bulb HUVITZ 12v30w WD105/1X WD170/0.75X WD210/0.5X CMount M35 8W UV Fluorescent Purple Color Lighting Illuminator Inner 60mm 64mm Outer 1-12mm Amplifying Photography IUC26000KPA Toupcam USB3.0 26MP color camera Sony IMX571 16bit supports external triggering SDK industry microscopio 0.35X Single Len 2.0X 10A 120X ophthalmology instrument foreign body needle hospital puncture ophthalmic corneal shovel Tools OphthalmicOphthalmology Alloy Hack Core Knife 45 degree 90 Instrument Telescope Clip 30x обьектив для телескопа zoom para celular 100x 400x 900x Birthday Gift Toys Educational Toy Children 12pc Specimen 60X-120X Home School Science Dust Mirror C-MOUNT.