NEW For Lenovo HS450-IO FPC-0A Connector Flex Cable DA30000NP10 LCD LED Video LENOVO 320-15IKB 320-15ISK 5000-15 520-15 DG521 40pin touch Display Screen P/N:DC02001YG10 DMX3A NF-B271 DA30000JP40 PCNANNY FOR FLEX 14 15 St7 Win8 Button Board 90004445 DAOST6TB6D0 Sensor 90005807 3BST6SB0000 Battery Brand New LENM1029CWP Ideapad MIIX 310-10ICR FPC 4-1480 Flex4 1435 1470 Yoga 510-14IKB,ORG P/N :DC02002D000 LVDS CABLE AC DC Power Jack Socket /W Wire Harness for 15D 5938 15-5938 5939 WZSM Wholesale IdeaPad U530 U530T Touch cable DD0LZBLC000 DD0LZBLC010 (1-5 PCS) With 5-1470 320S-14IKB 520S-14IKB 80XA P/n: DC301010200 (5 pcs/Lot) B40-30 B40-35 B40-45 B40-70 B40-75 Lcd P/N: DC02001XM00 THINKPAD T430U V490U FRU 04W4404 DD0LV3LC040 3-1580 Laptop Motherboard 5b20k36404 DDR3L Integrated Graphics w/ I5-6200u CPU yourui ACLU9/ACLU0 NM-A311 Mainboard G50-30 notebook PC motherboard 5B20G91615 W/ N2940 cpu tested 20V 3.25A 65W Adapter Charger X1 Carbon E431 E531 S431 T440s T440 X230s X240 X240s G410 G500 G505 G50 MAIN BOARD DDR3 N2820 Processor full test ACLU1/ACLU2 NM-A271 G50-70 with I5-4200/4210/4300U 100% Fully Tested Akemy g50-80 Nm-A362 I7 5500U Test OK Quality Assurance ACLU3 ACLU4 NM-A362 Main board lenovo G50-80 SR240 I3-5020U ACLU7/ACLU8 NM-A291 Z50-75 G50-75M G50-75 ( AMD A10-7300 ) mainboard KLKJ NM-A272 Original I3-4010U KEFU Z50-70 HM76 Intel Rev1.0 Card NM-A273 G50-70M I7-4510U GT820M-2GB 5B20H14391 ACLU3ACLU4 NM-A361 R5 M3302GB NANNY G50-45 5B20G38059 A8-6410 ACLU5/ACLU6 NM-A281 SHELI ACLU7 ACLU8 R6 255 GPU 15.6 inch N156BGE-E42 B156XTN03.1 LTN156AT31 B156XTN04.0 30pin laptop lcd screen Y50-70 Z510 B50 B50-30 S5-S531 15.6inch matrix display replacement ApexWay battey Thinkpad G410s G500s G505s G510s S410P S510P Z40-70 Z40-75 Universal E40-30/70 G40 G50-80/70/45/30 S41-70/75/35 huiyuan compatible Slim Tip PA-1650-72 Z41 Z70-80 fit Z50-80 mianboard i3 on working ACLU1 ACLU2 Notebook AVAILABLE MAINBOARD ACLU3/ LAPTOP MOTHERBOARD WITH ONBOARD I5 PROCESSOR G50-70A Case Palmrest Upper Case/Bottom Base PK40000N400 ThinkPad G70-70 Webcam Camera AKEMY ACLUC3/ACLU4 80 W I5-5200 2GB i5 ACLUA/ACLUB GT840M/820M graphics card UMA Full Free Shipping ACLU9 / ACLU0 INTEL )Motherboard work JIGU 6Cells B470 V470 V300 V370 Z370 Z460 Z470 Z560 Z570 G460 G470 G560 G570 G770 G780 7800MAH B570 K47 11.1V 7800mAh G575 rear back cover/The Rear cover 31048392 AP0GM000500 PIWG2 LA-675AP HM65 PGA989 KoCoQin PIGW2 15’ Ship L09M6Y02 L10M6F21 L09S6Y02 L09L6Y02 G465 G475 G565 battery V360 V570 Z465 Z475 Z565 4.5A 90W G480 Z500 B450 Z580 B570e G550 AB7205HX-GC1 MF60090V1-C480-S99 DC5V 0.4A Cooler Fan IBM LA-6753P 4 video chips non-integrated HD6300M 2PCS Anti-Glare Protector Guard Cover Filter 15.6 Gaming 3 (15) Vertical Stand, Aluminum Holder Adjustable Dock Size Compatible /Surface/Lenovo/Dell/Gaming HT05 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds Bluetooth-compatible Earphone Built-in Mic Support Android iOS Sweat proof XE66 (Pro) Bluetooth Headphones Neck-Mounted Wired Magnetic Head-Mounted Sports Waterproof Headset TWS 5.0-compatible Earphones Headsets in Ear XT91 AI Control bass Noise Reduction X4 Head-mounted Bone Conduction Headphone Handsfree X3 Air Cycling Running Microphone.