65W Laptop Power Adapter AC Charger for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E555 E560 E470 20H1 20H2 E575 20H8 11e L440 L450 20AN 20AW 20F9 The Thinkpad Yoga 11E laptop motherboard N3150 CPU integrated graphics card comprehensive test For LENOVO YOGA Core SR1W3 Celeron N2930 Mainboard 00HW155 00HW1 DA0LI5MB6H0 Tested 100% New Original Back Cover Rear Lid &LCD Bezel Non-Touch 00HW165 00HT935 00HW169 NEW Case Bottom D Black and Touchpad Palmrest cover/The keyboard cover FRU 00HT934 E15 (Type 20RD, 20RE) 5CB0S95326 Base Lower Gen 2 AP1HK000300 X250 20CL 20CM VIUX1 NM-A091 00HT371 00HT372 00HT375 00HT376 CPU: I7-5600U DDR3 L560 AILL1/L2 LA-C421P with I7-6500/6600U FRU:01LV971 00UR724 01LV972 00UR725 X230 X230i i7-3520m FRU:04X4553 free delivery X1 1st 14282-2M i7-6600U 16G-RAM 00JT811 01LV888 01LV889 Dinzi LKL-1 MB 17821-2 L380 original mainboard I7-8550U T440S NM-A052 04X3960 Notebook Motherboard With i7-4600U UMA tested work AKEMY Carbon 4th i7-6500U 8G 00JT804 NOKOTION P70 17 inch SR2FQ I7-6700HQ 01AV309 01AV304 BP700 NM-A441 18724-1M L390 i7-8565U Fru: 02DL948 02DL942 02DL832 Fully EL480 EL580 NM-B461 L480 L580 i7-8550U DDR4 FRU: 02DC000 FE490/FE590/FE480 ThinkPa E490 E590 NM-B911 I7-8565U fully 3rd i7-8650U 16G 01YN209 01LX675 EX280 NM-B521 X280 SR3LC RAM Intel GMA HD 620 00PA937 CE570 NM-A831 E570 E570C SR2EZ 940MX 2GB Akemy CARBON TYPE 20A7 20A8 I7 i7-4600 8GB Fan 00UP985 T431S 04X0792 3687U Test Work 448.06D10.0021 T560 W560S P50S 6600U GT940M/M520M 2G VILG1/G2 LA-9902P G500s Touch ( HM76 Support Pentium I3 I5 cpu ) ok T480S NM-B471 i7 8650U 8550U MX150 GPU 8GB-RAM working T550 W550S 5600U 00UR106 00JT407 00UR104 00UR102 00JT387 T580 P52S LTS-2 17812-1 W/ I7-8650U/8550U 01YR258 01YR245 T460P SR2FU i7-6820HQ 01AV866 BT463 NM-A611 KoCoQin S2 13 SR2ZU DA0PS9MB8E0 AIVL1 NM-A351 Main board SR23W i7-5500U DDR3L 20V 2A 40W power adapter ADL40WDC 36200567 ADL40WDH 36200616 charger 3-1170 i3 i5 12 00HT713 i7-5600U LA-A342P ZIPS3 T480 ET480 NM-B501 8650 OK 01YR340 01YR332 01YR364 thinkpad T430U DA0LV3MB8F0 04Y1049 I7-3517 non-integrated 04X0495 48.4RQ01.011 I7-3667U 11246-2 T480s Integrated Graphics Card 00UR100 00UR101 00UR103 00JT379 S3 14 main i7-5500u fru 00up309 00hn588 00hn590 00HN991 lenovo X1C carbon LMQ-2 13268-1 448.01430.0011 01YR210 6th EX480 NM-B481 16GB i7-6600 01ER008 01ER007 01AY333 01AY334 01AY335 01AY332 01AY313 CPU:i7-8550U 01YR209 01YR212 01YR225 01YR228 5B20X77590 T420S T420SI is suitable Pln i7-2620 SWG Y-AMT Y-TPM 63Y1940 63Y1744 04W2005 04W1444 11246-1 04Y1988 good shipping VILT0 4600U 04X3963 04X3965 04X3964 04X3962 Suitable T470S 01ER347 01ER339 7600U LA-E291P 370 Working 01HY149 01HY151 NEW! NM-A221 E550 E550C Laotop R7-M265 X380 02DA028 01YR841 I7-6820HQ GT940M N16S-GTR-S-A2 P72 i7-8850HQ 4GB 01YU277 01YU278 01YU292 01YU291 SR2ZV I7-7500U FUR 01HW981 01YT026 CT470 NM-A931 T470 01HW555 00UR443 01HW556 00UR444 6500 Spanish Backlit Keyboard A285 X390 X395 L13 X13 5TH 01YP130 01YP210 01YP050 SP LATIN LA Huiyuan 65w USB-c Fit 4X20V24674 4X20M26268 Hero US English L14 5N20W67796 5N20W67832 5N20W67760 Brand new T14 P14s T490s T490 FHD LCD screen 01YN170 No-touch.