For Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 1st Gen Carbon 4th laptop motherboard 14282-2M W/ i7 6600/6500U CPU 8G-RAM Mainboard 01AX853 LENOVO Thinkpad YOGA I5-7300U 8GB Notebook 16822-1 448.0A913.0011 SR340 DDR4 Laptop LTE 4G Internet access module EM7455 00JT542 GOBI6000 for L460, P40, P50, T460, X1, CARBON/YOGA, X260, YOGA260 01YT278 Original New Full (20JF) 2nd GEN 2017 FHD 14.0 LCD LED Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Bezel 3rd 14.0 inch QHD 2560×1440 LPM140M420 Lcd touch screen assembly Replacement Keycap Key Cap &Scissor Clip&Hinge 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 Keyboard Upper Case with Swiss Backlit Backlight Teclado Palmrest C Cover 01HY914 01HY834 English yoga US Black 3RD 17800-1 I5-8250 / 8350U FRU 5B20V13402 01YN210 01YN240 i5-8250U 8G 01YN200 01AX855 I7-7600U Test 100% Work NOKOTION Motherboard Main board00JT802 00JT806 448.04P15.002M 14 SR2EY I5-6200U Fingerprint device Board FFC FPR Cable 450.0CX02.0001 01AY940 SC10Q25678 OK Hinge Strip Frame 00JT858 reader sensor connecting cable Series, 450.04P07.0001 Cooling Cooler Fan Heatsink 01AX830 00JT800 01AW976 01YT252 14-inch LP140QH1 SP B1 (SP) (B1) 2560 * 1440 (Non Touch) New/Orig Shell With ES Spanish 00HN955 Special Leather/Carbon fiber vinyl Skin Sticker Protection Extreme/P1 2020 3 15.6 Brand new original lenovo fan heat sink model ND55C11 01AVW976 Touchpad Russian 04X6511 Thai 04X6522 Latin 5th 01HY056 01LX572 01HY075 90W Car Charger Dc Power Adapter E431 E531 S431 T440s T440 X60 X61 Z60 Z61 T60 T61 Battery Gen3 20A7 20A8 45N1701 45N1702 45N1703 45N1700 MAD DRAGON Speaker Set-R + L Left Right 01AX890 023.400AH.0001 Replace keyboard Helix 04Y0077 pointing sticks Display 20BS 20BT 00NY424 2560*1440 X1C 6th 20FB 01AV409 20FB-005XUS 00HW029 SB10F46467 Sleeve Bag Thinkbook 15 Inch 2021 Xiaoxin Air 13 Pro 16 DX120 NM-B141 20HR 20HQ CPU: I5-(7300U/7200U) RAM: 01AY074 01AY084 thinkpad T450S S3-S431 S440 Carbon1600*900 EDP 30pin N140FGE-EA2 B140RTN03.0 LP140WD2 TPB1 LTN140KT13 Slim led LP140WD2-TLE1 TLE2 (TL)(E2) THINKPAD carbon 04W6859 lcd GZEELE 1St 20FQ 20FR Back Rear Lid Housing Cabinet 01AW968 SCB0K40145 case 7th 8th gen WWAN Antenna 5A30V25489 5A30V25490 touchpad Clickpad Mouse 01LV565 01LV564 01LV563 1 I5-6300 01AX807 48.04P16.002M tested Tray Bracket 2019 Genuine FRU:00HN756 w i5-4300U RAM NoteBook PC Tested mainboard i7-7600 cpu+8G ram FRU: 01AY072 working perfect 01AX999 01AY918 01AY917 I5 8265U 8365 16G test work Akemy 00HT342 00HT354 5200U 13268-1 448.01430.0011 48.4RQ01.021 04X0340 4X0338 3427U i7-7600U 16GB-RAM 01LV433 01AY073 01LV437 Extreme 17870-1 448.0DY05.0011 20MF 20MG i7-8750H 1050TI 01YU947 01YU697 PAILIANG Core SR3YY N17P-G1-A1 TESTED MOLA 20V 3.25A 65W AC Supply G400 G500 G505 G405 NEW 00JT842 hinges set 00JT843 Panel 1920*1080 IPS 00NY435 01AW893 01AW894 Tablet 20KJ 20KK 13.03000*2000 40pin TOUCH ASSEMBLIES LG LP130QP1-SPA1 LPM130M364 frame LP140QH1-SPE3 2560x1440 Q B140han03.1 x1 01YT248 3Rd Generation B156ZAN03.2 P52 P52S P53 P53s T590 UHD4K 3840x2160 eDP 20MF, 4K T480 T480s panel WQHD 20QD 20QE 20R1 20R2 Matte 00NY664 00NY681 01YN128 01AY916 E440 T440S L440 T440P T450 T431S X1-Carbon 1600*900 non-touch.