4X 10X 20X 40X 60X 100X Plan Infinity Biological Microscope Achromatic Objective Lens for Olympus Biomicroscope Optical System 38MP with 180X 1080P 60FPS FHD HY-5038 HDMI USB Industrial Camera Phone Repair PCB Soldering New RMS Thread to M42 (42mm x 1) Adapter fr microscope objective flat camera 0.75X Auxiliary Barlow WD120 M48*0.75 Stereo Zoom Accessories Extend working distance 4X/10X/20X/40X/60X/100X Semi-plan 195 mm Conjugate Distance 160/0.17 45EP 0745 Monocular 2x 0.3x 0.5x Miniature LED Digital 1000X WIFI Mobile Support IOS Android PC Video Skin Detection 100pcs Transparent Slides Coverslips Coverslides Cover Glass 18x18 20x20 22x22 24x24mm thickness 0.13-0.17mm For Industry Full HD 13MP 2K VGA Simultaneous Output Magnifier IC Observe Professional Lab biological trinocular zoom 2500X + CVBS electronic digital CCD 8-inch LCD Electron 50x 1000x Magnification Adjustable Endoscope 8 LEDs iOS Smartphone Tablet Andonstar AD206 Display Check Watch/Phone and Appreciation Jewellery/Coin WD165 WD177 WD287 0.3X 0.5X 0.7X 1X 2X Trinocular Widefield 48mm FYSCOPE Jewel Tweezersand Darkfield condenser Series Microscopes Clamp Small Caliber Filter 25/25.5/27/28/30/30.5/34/35.5/39mm CPL Filters Inspection 16MP C-mount TF Card 8G SD CARD Metal Portable Pocket Compact Blue Coated Film Handheld Jewelry Identification Titanium alloy microscopic tweezers double eyelid surgery tool ophthalmology straight bending platform gums 0.91 1.25 Telescope Eyepiece Mount 23.2mm (23.2mm 31.75mm) - Black LD2032E 130X 56 Light Suit AD205 Desktop Mini 5 Inch Screen Student Educational Biologic Kids Children Gift M26*1-M42*1 M26 female Mitutoyo thread M42X1mm adapter M42X1 male 26-42 1600X Electronic Stand power supply 6V 20W halogen lamp dedicated transformer TY20WC WF10X 23mm Wide Angle Diopter Eyeguards 30mm Diameter 0.35X 0.55X Standard Reduction Relay Leica HDMI-compatible Set 7X-45X Binocular Lighting Tool / 2.0X XDC-10A 300X C-MOUNT Fluorescence Ring Illuminator Lamp 110V 220V 8W Came 5MP Cmos Len Microscopio Acrobat Diamond setting tools 2MP Camera+Lift Stand+Calibration Ruler 36MP 4K C-Mount Soldering&Phone Amplifying Iris Diaphragm Aperture Condenser Instrument Vision Real HDMI-Compatible 7-45X Simul-focal Microscope+144 Solder Tweezers Super Pointed High Hardness Head Precise fpr Electrician Microscopic Work Cosmetology Blackhead Lengthen Forceps Metallurgical 5X 50X 80X Long Working Lenses ATR3CMOS 26M TE Cooling Astronomy Astronomical SONY IMX571 1.8” Sensor Dia 25mm 32mm Fixing Focus Holder Snap Pillar 180X-300X Assistant DIV 0.1 Micrometer Ocular Cross Scale Concentric Circles Rings 24 Calibration lens Mounting lenses 10.1 Software SMT SMD Monitor Science Education Kit Equipment 1000 times electron microscope, high definition video recorder, lifting bracket industry DONAR EFM 64607 Halogen Cup 8V50W 6847 Kehua Bio MK3 Microplate Reader Bulb 8V Aluminum Use on Autofocus SENSOR IMX290 Auto WiFi 50x-1000X 1920*1080 Electronics Beauty Research 800X Lift JX-BH200M Transflective , +38MP Surgery Tools 200X-240X Loupe With UV Lighted Textile Circuit Board 5X/10X/15X/20X Dental Operating Surgical Microscope/endodontic Zoomable 16 mega Analyzer Detector 6.5X-65X 3.25X-32.5X 13X-130X 37MP.