GX490 NM-C661 For Lenovo X1C X1 Carbon 8th Gen Yoga 5th laptop motherboard With CPU I7-10710U RAM 8G mainboard ThinkPad 4th / 1st 14282-2m with I5-6200U/6300U 100% test OK DX120 NM-B141 MB Thinkpad 2017 Laptop Motherboard i7-6600U 16GB-RAM FRU 01LV981 Tested 0k 01LV446 01AY094 01AY092 8GB-RAM Akemy 12298-2 48.4LY07.021 00HN762 00HN774 00HN766 I5 4200U 4GB KEFU LMQ-1 for X1-Carbon 2014 original 8G-RAM I5-4300U 2nd 3rd 20A7 20A8 20BS 20BT HD+ No Touch 00HM110 00UR150 LCD Left Right Hinges Axis Genuine New Free Shipping 4 Screen Set L+R 00JT842 00JT843 FREE SHIP High Quality Original LP140WD2 TLE2 (TL)(E2) LED LP140WD2-TLE2 Displ T431s EDP 14.0HD+ AG 30Pins 1600*900 B140RTN03.0 N140FGE-EA2 04Y1585 04X5914 2015 Display LP140QH1-SPA2 SPB1 B140HTN01.2 N140HGE-EA1 14 inch slim led screen Panel 04X1756 lcd LP140QH1-SPE1 LP140QH1-SPB1 LP140QH1-SPD1 2560*1440 Non-touch 00HN876 LP140QH1 LG matrix Clickpad Touchpad Connecting Cable Wire Line 450.04P06.0001 US English computer keyboard pc parts replacement keyboards lenovo L15 1 2 2020 L15NBL-105US 5N20W68109 Swiss Backlit Keyboard Palmrest C Cover Upper Case and 04X6552 04X6515 20V 3.25A 65W USB Type Power Adapter Charger X270 X280 T580 P51s P52s E480 E470 S2 Supply Cord Battery Essential G700 G710 3448 4.5A 90W AC Plug Notebook PC E431 E531 Z501 Z505 T440S T440 /DC G400 G500 G505 G405 YOGA 13 caderno Ultrabook 20v 90w carregador de bateria portatil + i5-6200U fan 01AX801 carbon i5-4300 8GB Mainboard 00UP981 04X5578 00HN755 00UP982 00UP978 04X5579 00HN756 thinkpad portable back cover/front frame/handrest/bottom box/lcd hinges Applicable to Black Lower Bottom Base D 01LV461 SM10N01545 Back Shell 7th 5M10V25025 AM1A1000500 2013 Gen1 04W3910 PU Leather 2018 Inch Creative Design Bag Protective Sleeve Gift 6th 01YR421 AM16R000600 HOT-20+6 Pin SSD SATA 2.5 Card Converter FOR FPC Webcam Camera NO IR DC02C00BW00 SC10Q59760 01YR446 20KH 20KG sim Tray pallet 01YR423 AM16R000410 Brand new FFC LENOVO THINKPAD camera (IR) cable LOGO light New/Original 720P Front Module Carbon(20HR-20HQ) 00HN395 A485 T480 14 12 13.3 15 Nootbook Handbag 15.6 Computer Bags 2PCS /Trackpad Skin Sticker cover 2021 2019 2016 X13 X395 X390 11e s2 New/Orig GB UK Backlight 20FQ 20FR 00PA071 00JT887 01AW926 SN20H34980 Lcd Lvds FHD 00JT850 Fibocom L860-GL WWAN Extreme P17 P15 T490 01AX796 NS-B861 Wifi Port Wireless Switch Board 00HW568 SC50Q09467 TESED fiber Decals Protector gen 6 I7-6500U 14282-2M 448.04P15.002M 01AX802 1920*1080 00UR189 01AY700 Digitizer Glass Bezel touch 14.0WQHD 40pin 01AX897 01AX898 01LV978 Cooler Cooling Fan Heatsink 01AX999 01AX830 01AY918 01AY917 FRU: 00JT810 LRV1 w I7-6600U Onboard NoteBook PAILIANG 01AX845 16822-1 Core SR2ZU i5-7200U TESTED Kit Gen9 Titanium 14inch 01YU036 01YU037 5H40W65011 Frame Assembly 01AX895 01AX896 B140HAN01.8 JIANGLUN yoga Layout Stylus X1YOGA 00HN897 SD60G9721 ok NEW black 01HY839 01HY959 01HY879 01HY919 i5-8350U 16G 01YN207 integrated graphics card i5-6300U completed a full Cover/The case 460.0CX07.0001 01AY938 01YT268 20LD 20LE 20LG 01AY984 Decal 4rd release.